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NAME — building modules for bsnmpd(1)


.include <>


The file <> simplifies the building of modules for the Begemot SNMP daemon, bsnmpd(1). It provides some common functions for building a module and relies on <>, which is included by <> to actually build the shared library.

The following make(1) variables control the special functions:


The short name of the module. The name of the shared library will be snmp_${MOD}.so. There must exist a file ${MOD}_tree.def for compilation with gensnmptree(1) which contains the definition of the MIB tree implemented by the module.


A list of extra MIB definition files for gensnmptree(1). This is optional.


A list of symbols to be extracted from the MIB definition files by gensnmptree(1). This is optional.


A list of MIB definition files to be installed. This is optional.


A list of textual MIBs to be installed. This is optional.

Three files are automatically created from the MIB definition files and the XSYM variable:


This contains a table with the tree implemented by the module. It is automatically included into the SRCS variable.


This contains preprocessor defines for all the OIDs defined by the module and can be included in the module’s source code.


OID preprocessor definitions for all the symbols listed in XSYMS. This is to be included into the module’s source code.


bsnmpd(1), gensnmptree(1), snmpmod(3)

MidnightBSD 0.3 November 10, 2005 MidnightBSD 0.3