ISDNPHONE(8) MidnightBSD System Manager’s Manual ISDNPHONE(8)


isdnphone — telephone dialing and more for isdn4bsd


isdnphone [−d] [−h] [−k string] [−n number] [−u unit] [−v] [−w]


The isdnphone utility is part of the isdn4bsd package and is used to handle dialing and hangup for the telephone control interfaces /dev/i4bteldn〉.

Options are provided to dial out or hang up using command line parameters (for use in scripts) or, if none of those options are specified, bring up a curses-based full-screen interface.

The following options are available:


Enable debugging message display.


Hang up a possibly open telephone connection on the selected interface.


Send the specified string using the keypad facility information element.


Dial the specified number on the selected interface.


Set the unit number to specify the interface used.


Enable verbose result messages for dialling (-n and -w)


After dialling (using the -n option), wait for the first result message.



The command:

isdnphone -n 1234

dials calls the number 1234 to establish a call on /dev/i4btel0


The isdnphone utility and this manpage were written by Hellmuth Michaelis 〈〉.

MidnightBSD 0.3 August 27, 2002 MidnightBSD 0.3