MidnightBSD Magus


Easier, more portable Modula-3 distribution for building CVSup

Version Run OSVersion Arch License Restricted Status
1.1_1 150 0.2.1 amd64 modula3 0 fail


Machine Type Time Message
ds9 info 2009-06-03 14:03:11 Test Started
ds9 fail 2009-06-03 14:04:16 make fake returned non-zero: 1
ds9 fail 2009-06-03 14:04:16 Test complete.


===>  Faking install for ezm3-1.1_1
===>   Generating temporary packing list
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3core/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3core/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o Word_m.o  Word.ms
as -o Word_i.o  Word.is
as -o WeakRef_m.o  WeakRef.ms
as -o WeakRef_i.o  WeakRef.is
as -o Main_i.o  Main.is
as -o PolyBasis_m.o  PolyBasis.ms
as -o PolyBasis_i.o  PolyBasis.is
as -o Poly_m.o  Poly.ms
as -o Poly_i.o  Poly.is
as -o Fingerprint_m.o  Fingerprint.ms
as -o Fingerprint_i.o  Fingerprint.is
as -o TextConv_m.o  TextConv.ms
as -o TextConv_i.o  TextConv.is
as -o UnsafeHash_m.o  UnsafeHash.ms
as -o TextF_i.o  TextF.is
as -o TextExtras_m.o  TextExtras.ms
as -o TextExtras_i.o  TextExtras.is
as -o Text_m.o  Text.ms
as -o Text_i.o  Text.is
as -o Convert_m.o  Convert.ms
as -o Convert_i.o  Convert.is
as -o CConvert_m.o  CConvert.ms
as -o CConvert_i.o  CConvert.is
as -o TimePosix_m.o  TimePosix.ms
as -o TimePosix_i.o  TimePosix.is
as -o DateBsd_m.o  DateBsd.ms
as -o TickPortable_m.o  TickPortable.ms
as -o FmtTime_m.o  FmtTime.ms
as -o FmtTime_i.o  FmtTime.is
as -o Date_i.o  Date.is
as -o Tick_i.o  Tick.is
as -o Time_i.o  Time.is
as -o FloatMode_m.o  FloatMode.ms
as -o FloatMode_i.o  FloatMode.is
as -o FPU_m.o  FPU.ms
as -o FPU_i.o  FPU.is
as -o LongRealRep_i.o  LongRealRep.is
as -o RealRep_i.o  RealRep.is
as -o ExtendedFloat_m.o  ExtendedFloat.ms
as -o LongFloat_m.o  LongFloat.ms
as -o RealFloat_m.o  RealFloat.ms
as -o Extended_i.o  Extended.is
as -o LongReal_i.o  LongReal.is
as -o Real_i.o  Real.is
as -o DragonT_m.o  DragonT.ms
as -o DragonT_i.o  DragonT.is
as -o DragonInt_m.o  DragonInt.ms
as -o DragonInt_i.o  DragonInt.is
as -o Extended_m.o  Extended.ms
as -o LongReal_m.o  LongReal.ms
as -o Real_m.o  Real.ms
as -o IEEESpecial_m.o  IEEESpecial.ms
as -o IEEESpecial_i.o  IEEESpecial.is
as -o ExtendedFloat_i.o  ExtendedFloat.is
as -o LongFloat_i.o  LongFloat.is
as -o RealFloat_i.o  RealFloat.is
as -o BasicCtypes_i.o  BasicCtypes.is
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o CstdioC.o CstdioC.c
as -o Cstdio_m.o  Cstdio.ms
as -o Cstdio_i.o  Cstdio.is
as -o Cstring_i.o  Cstring.is
as -o Csignal_i.o  Csignal.is
as -o Csetjmp_i.o  Csetjmp.is
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o CerrnoC.o CerrnoC.c
as -o Cstdarg_m.o  Cstdarg.ms
as -o Cstdarg_i.o  Cstdarg.is
as -o M3toC_m.o  M3toC.ms
as -o M3toC_i.o  M3toC.is
as -o Ctypes_i.o  Ctypes.is
as -o Cstdlib_i.o  Cstdlib.is
as -o Cstddef_i.o  Cstddef.is
as -o Cerrno_i.o  Cerrno.is
as -o Uucontext_i.o  Uucontext.is
as -o Utypes_i.o  Utypes.is
as -o Ustat_i.o  Ustat.is
as -o Usignal_i.o  Usignal.is
as -o Unix_i.o  Unix.is
as -o Umman_i.o  Umman.is
as -o Uutmp_i.o  Uutmp.is
as -o Uuio_i.o  Uuio.is
as -o Uugid_i.o  Uugid.is
as -o Utypes_m.o  Utypes.ms
as -o Utime_i.o  Utime.is
as -o Usyslog_i.o  Usyslog.is
as -o Usocket_i.o  Usocket.is
as -o Usignal_m.o  Usignal.ms
as -o Ushm_i.o  Ushm.is
as -o Usem_i.o  Usem.is
as -o Uresource_i.o  Uresource.is
as -o Upwd_i.o  Upwd.is
as -o Uprocess_i.o  Uprocess.is
as -o Unetdb_m.o  Unetdb.ms
as -o Unetdb_i.o  Unetdb.is
as -o Umsg_m.o  Umsg.ms
as -o Umsg_i.o  Umsg.is
as -o Uipc_i.o  Uipc.is
as -o Uin_m.o  Uin.ms
as -o Uin_i.o  Uin.is
as -o Ugrp_i.o  Ugrp.is
as -o Uexec_i.o  Uexec.is
as -o Uerror_i.o  Uerror.is
as -o Udir_i.o  Udir.is
as -o ThreadPosix_m.o  ThreadPosix.ms
as -o ThreadEvent_i.o  ThreadEvent.is
as -o ThreadF_i.o  ThreadF.is
as -o SchedulerPosix_i.o  SchedulerPosix.is
as -o Scheduler_i.o  Scheduler.is
as -o Thread_i.o  Thread.is
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o RTStackC.o RTStackC.c
as -o RTExRep_i.o  RTExRep.is
as -o RTException_m.o  RTException.ms
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o malloc.o malloc.c
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o RTHeapDepC.o RTHeapDepC.c
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o RTThreadC.o RTThreadC.c
as -o RTThread_m.o  RTThread.ms
as -o RTSignal_m.o  RTSignal.ms
as -o RTHeapDep_m.o  RTHeapDep.ms
as -o RTMachine_i.o  RTMachine.is
as -o RTThreadStk_m.o  RTThreadStk.ms
as -o RTThread_i.o  RTThread.is
as -o RTPerfTool_m.o  RTPerfTool.ms
as -o RTPerfTool_i.o  RTPerfTool.is
as -o RTOS_m.o  RTOS.ms
as -o RTArgs_m.o  RTArgs.ms
as -o RT0u_m.o  RT0u.ms
as -o RT0u_i.o  RT0u.is
as -o RTThreadInit_i.o  RTThreadInit.is
as -o RTOS_i.o  RTOS.is
as -o RTTypeSRC_i.o  RTTypeSRC.is
as -o RTStack_i.o  RTStack.is
as -o RTSignal_i.o  RTSignal.is
as -o RTProcedureSRC_i.o  RTProcedureSRC.is
as -o RTHeapEvent_i.o  RTHeapEvent.is
as -o RTException_i.o  RTException.is
as -o RTArgs_i.o  RTArgs.is
as -o RTHeapDebug_m.o  RTHeapDebug.ms
as -o RTHeapDebug_i.o  RTHeapDebug.is
as -o RTutils_m.o  RTutils.ms
as -o RTutils_i.o  RTutils.is
as -o RTTypeMap_m.o  RTTypeMap.ms
as -o RTTypeMap_i.o  RTTypeMap.is
as -o RTTypeFP_m.o  RTTypeFP.ms
as -o RTTypeFP_i.o  RTTypeFP.is
as -o RTType_m.o  RTType.ms
as -o RTType_i.o  RTType.is
as -o RTTipe_m.o  RTTipe.ms
as -o RTTipe_i.o  RTTipe.is
as -o RTProcess_m.o  RTProcess.ms
as -o RTProcess_i.o  RTProcess.is
as -o RTProcedure_m.o  RTProcedure.ms
as -o RTProcedure_i.o  RTProcedure.is
as -o RTParams_m.o  RTParams.ms
as -o RTParams_i.o  RTParams.is
as -o RTPacking_m.o  RTPacking.ms
as -o RTPacking_i.o  RTPacking.is
as -o RTModule_m.o  RTModule.ms
as -o RTModule_i.o  RTModule.is
as -o RTMisc_m.o  RTMisc.ms
as -o RTMisc_i.o  RTMisc.is
as -o RTMapOp_m.o  RTMapOp.ms
as -o RTMapOp_i.o  RTMapOp.is
as -o RTLinker_m.o  RTLinker.ms
as -o RTLinker_i.o  RTLinker.is
as -o RTIO_m.o  RTIO.ms
as -o RTIO_i.o  RTIO.is
as -o RTWeakRef_i.o  RTWeakRef.is
as -o RTCollectorSRC_i.o  RTCollectorSRC.is
as -o RTCollector_m.o  RTCollector.ms
as -o RTCollector_i.o  RTCollector.is
as -o RTHeapStats_m.o  RTHeapStats.ms
as -o RTHeapStats_i.o  RTHeapStats.is
as -o RTHeapRep_m.o  RTHeapRep.ms
as -o RTHeapRep_i.o  RTHeapRep.is
as -o RTHeapMap_m.o  RTHeapMap.ms
as -o RTHeapMap_i.o  RTHeapMap.is
as -o RTHeapInfo_m.o  RTHeapInfo.ms
as -o RTHeapInfo_i.o  RTHeapInfo.is
as -o RTHeapDep_i.o  RTHeapDep.is
as -o RTHeap_m.o  RTHeap.ms
as -o RTHeap_i.o  RTHeap.is
as -o RTAllocStats_m.o  RTAllocStats.ms
as -o RTAllocStats_i.o  RTAllocStats.is
as -o RTAllocator_m.o  RTAllocator.ms
as -o RTAllocator_i.o  RTAllocator.is
as -o RT0_m.o  RT0.ms
as -o RT0_i.o  RT0.is
as -o RTHooks_m.o  RTHooks.ms
as -o RTHooks_i.o  RTHooks.is
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o RTBuiltin.o RTBuiltin.c
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o dtoa.o dtoa.c
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o hand.o hand.c
ar rv libm3core.a Word_m.o Word_i.o WeakRef_m.o WeakRef_i.o Main_i.o PolyBasis_m.o PolyBasis_i.o Poly_m.o Poly_i.o Fingerprint_m.o Fingerprint_i.o TextConv_m.o TextConv_i.o UnsafeHash_m.o TextF_i.o TextExtras_m.o TextExtras_i.o Text_m.o Text_i.o Convert_m.o Convert_i.o CConvert_m.o CConvert_i.o TimePosix_m.o TimePosix_i.o DateBsd_m.o TickPortable_m.o FmtTime_m.o FmtTime_i.o Date_i.o Tick_i.o Time_i.o FloatMode_m.o FloatMode_i.o FPU_m.o FPU_i.o LongRealRep_i.o RealRep_i.o ExtendedFloat_m.o LongFloat_m.o RealFloat_m.o Extended_i.o LongReal_i.o Real_i.o DragonT_m.o DragonT_i.o DragonInt_m.o DragonInt_i.o Extended_m.o LongReal_m.o Real_m.o IEEESpecial_m.o IEEESpecial_i.o ExtendedFloat_i.o LongFloat_i.o RealFloat_i.o BasicCtypes_i.o CstdioC.o Cstdio_m.o Cstdio_i.o Cstring_i.o Csignal_i.o Csetjmp_i.o CerrnoC.o Cstdarg_m.o Cstdarg_i.o M3toC_m.o M3toC_i.o Ctypes_i.o Cstdlib_i.o Cstddef_i.o Cerrno_i.o Uucontext_i.o Utypes_i.o Ustat_i.o Usignal_i.o Unix_i.o Umman_i.o Uutmp_i.o Uuio_i.o Uugid_i.o Utypes_m.o Utime_i.o Usyslog_i.o Usocket_i.o Usignal_m.o Ushm_i.o Usem_i.o Uresource_i.o Upwd_i.o Uprocess_i.o Unetdb_m.o Unetdb_i.o Umsg_m.o Umsg_i.o Uipc_i.o Uin_m.o Uin_i.o Ugrp_i.o Uexec_i.o Uerror_i.o Udir_i.o ThreadPosix_m.o ThreadEvent_i.o ThreadF_i.o SchedulerPosix_i.o Scheduler_i.o Thread_i.o RTStackC.o RTExRep_i.o RTException_m.o malloc.o RTHeapDepC.o RTThreadC.o RTThread_m.o RTSignal_m.o RTHeapDep_m.o RTMachine_i.o RTThreadStk_m.o RTThread_i.o RTPerfTool_m.o RTPerfTool_i.o RTOS_m.o RTArgs_m.o RT0u_m.o RT0u_i.o RTThreadInit_i.o RTOS_i.o RTTypeSRC_i.o RTStack_i.o RTSignal_i.o RTProcedureSRC_i.o RTHeapEvent_i.o RTException_i.o RTArgs_i.o RTHeapDebug_m.o RTHeapDebug_i.o RTutils_m.o RTutils_i.o RTTypeMap_m.o RTTypeMap_i.o RTTypeFP_m.o RTTypeFP_i.o RTType_m.o RTType_i.o RTTipe_m.o RTTipe_i.o RTProcess_m.o RTProcess_i.o RTProcedure_m.o RTProcedure_i.o RTParams_m.o RTParams_i.o RTPacking_m.o RTPacking_i.o RTModule_m.o RTModule_i.o RTMisc_m.o RTMisc_i.o RTMapOp_m.o RTMapOp_i.o RTLinker_m.o RTLinker_i.o RTIO_m.o RTIO_i.o RTWeakRef_i.o RTCollectorSRC_i.o RTCollector_m.o RTCollector_i.o RTHeapStats_m.o RTHeapStats_i.o RTHeapRep_m.o RTHeapRep_i.o RTHeapMap_m.o RTHeapMap_i.o RTHeapInfo_m.o RTHeapInfo_i.o RTHeapDep_i.o RTHeap_m.o RTHeap_i.o RTAllocStats_m.o RTAllocStats_i.o RTAllocator_m.o RTAllocator_i.o RT0_m.o RT0_i.o RTHooks_m.o RTHooks_i.o RTBuiltin.o dtoa.o hand.o
ar: creating libm3core.a
a - Word_m.o
a - Word_i.o
a - WeakRef_m.o
a - WeakRef_i.o
a - Main_i.o
a - PolyBasis_m.o
a - PolyBasis_i.o
a - Poly_m.o
a - Poly_i.o
a - Fingerprint_m.o
a - Fingerprint_i.o
a - TextConv_m.o
a - TextConv_i.o
a - UnsafeHash_m.o
a - TextF_i.o
a - TextExtras_m.o
a - TextExtras_i.o
a - Text_m.o
a - Text_i.o
a - Convert_m.o
a - Convert_i.o
a - CConvert_m.o
a - CConvert_i.o
a - TimePosix_m.o
a - TimePosix_i.o
a - DateBsd_m.o
a - TickPortable_m.o
a - FmtTime_m.o
a - FmtTime_i.o
a - Date_i.o
a - Tick_i.o
a - Time_i.o
a - FloatMode_m.o
a - FloatMode_i.o
a - FPU_m.o
a - FPU_i.o
a - LongRealRep_i.o
a - RealRep_i.o
a - ExtendedFloat_m.o
a - LongFloat_m.o
a - RealFloat_m.o
a - Extended_i.o
a - LongReal_i.o
a - Real_i.o
a - DragonT_m.o
a - DragonT_i.o
a - DragonInt_m.o
a - DragonInt_i.o
a - Extended_m.o
a - LongReal_m.o
a - Real_m.o
a - IEEESpecial_m.o
a - IEEESpecial_i.o
a - ExtendedFloat_i.o
a - LongFloat_i.o
a - RealFloat_i.o
a - BasicCtypes_i.o
a - CstdioC.o
a - Cstdio_m.o
a - Cstdio_i.o
a - Cstring_i.o
a - Csignal_i.o
a - Csetjmp_i.o
a - CerrnoC.o
a - Cstdarg_m.o
a - Cstdarg_i.o
a - M3toC_m.o
a - M3toC_i.o
a - Ctypes_i.o
a - Cstdlib_i.o
a - Cstddef_i.o
a - Cerrno_i.o
a - Uucontext_i.o
a - Utypes_i.o
a - Ustat_i.o
a - Usignal_i.o
a - Unix_i.o
a - Umman_i.o
a - Uutmp_i.o
a - Uuio_i.o
a - Uugid_i.o
a - Utypes_m.o
a - Utime_i.o
a - Usyslog_i.o
a - Usocket_i.o
a - Usignal_m.o
a - Ushm_i.o
a - Usem_i.o
a - Uresource_i.o
a - Upwd_i.o
a - Uprocess_i.o
a - Unetdb_m.o
a - Unetdb_i.o
a - Umsg_m.o
a - Umsg_i.o
a - Uipc_i.o
a - Uin_m.o
a - Uin_i.o
a - Ugrp_i.o
a - Uexec_i.o
a - Uerror_i.o
a - Udir_i.o
a - ThreadPosix_m.o
a - ThreadEvent_i.o
a - ThreadF_i.o
a - SchedulerPosix_i.o
a - Scheduler_i.o
a - Thread_i.o
a - RTStackC.o
a - RTExRep_i.o
a - RTException_m.o
a - malloc.o
a - RTHeapDepC.o
a - RTThreadC.o
a - RTThread_m.o
a - RTSignal_m.o
a - RTHeapDep_m.o
a - RTMachine_i.o
a - RTThreadStk_m.o
a - RTThread_i.o
a - RTPerfTool_m.o
a - RTPerfTool_i.o
a - RTOS_m.o
a - RTArgs_m.o
a - RT0u_m.o
a - RT0u_i.o
a - RTThreadInit_i.o
a - RTOS_i.o
a - RTTypeSRC_i.o
a - RTStack_i.o
a - RTSignal_i.o
a - RTProcedureSRC_i.o
a - RTHeapEvent_i.o
a - RTException_i.o
a - RTArgs_i.o
a - RTHeapDebug_m.o
a - RTHeapDebug_i.o
a - RTutils_m.o
a - RTutils_i.o
a - RTTypeMap_m.o
a - RTTypeMap_i.o
a - RTTypeFP_m.o
a - RTTypeFP_i.o
a - RTType_m.o
a - RTType_i.o
a - RTTipe_m.o
a - RTTipe_i.o
a - RTProcess_m.o
a - RTProcess_i.o
a - RTProcedure_m.o
a - RTProcedure_i.o
a - RTParams_m.o
a - RTParams_i.o
a - RTPacking_m.o
a - RTPacking_i.o
a - RTModule_m.o
a - RTModule_i.o
a - RTMisc_m.o
a - RTMisc_i.o
a - RTMapOp_m.o
a - RTMapOp_i.o
a - RTLinker_m.o
a - RTLinker_i.o
a - RTIO_m.o
a - RTIO_i.o
a - RTWeakRef_i.o
a - RTCollectorSRC_i.o
a - RTCollector_m.o
a - RTCollector_i.o
a - RTHeapStats_m.o
a - RTHeapStats_i.o
a - RTHeapRep_m.o
a - RTHeapRep_i.o
a - RTHeapMap_m.o
a - RTHeapMap_i.o
a - RTHeapInfo_m.o
a - RTHeapInfo_i.o
a - RTHeapDep_i.o
a - RTHeap_m.o
a - RTHeap_i.o
a - RTAllocStats_m.o
a - RTAllocStats_i.o
a - RTAllocator_m.o
a - RTAllocator_i.o
a - RT0_m.o
a - RT0_i.o
a - RTHooks_m.o
a - RTHooks_i.o
a - RTBuiltin.o
a - dtoa.o
a - hand.o
touch libm3core.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3core/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/libm3/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/libm3/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o AtomPkl_m.o  AtomPkl.ms
as -o AtomPkl_i.o  AtomPkl.is
as -o ListPkl_m.o  ListPkl.ms
as -o ListPkl_i.o  ListPkl.is
as -o PickleStubs_m.o  PickleStubs.ms
as -o PickleStubs_i.o  PickleStubs.is
as -o Pickle_m.o  Pickle.ms
as -o Pickle_i.o  Pickle.is
as -o PackingTbl_m.o  PackingTbl.ms
as -o PackingTbl_i.o  PackingTbl.is
as -o PackingTypeCode_m.o  PackingTypeCode.ms
as -o PackingTypeCode_i.o  PackingTypeCode.is
as -o PklActionSeq_m.o  PklActionSeq.ms
as -o PklActionSeqRep_i.o  PklActionSeqRep.is
as -o PklActionSeq_i.o  PklActionSeq.is
as -o PickleRd_i.o  PickleRd.is
as -o PklAction_i.o  PklAction.is
as -o ConvertPacking_m.o  ConvertPacking.ms
as -o ConvertPacking_i.o  ConvertPacking.is
as -o PklTipeMap_m.o  PklTipeMap.ms
as -o PklTipeMap_i.o  PklTipeMap.is
as -o RegEx_m.o  RegEx.ms
as -o RegEx_i.o  RegEx.is
as -o LongSqrt_m.o  LongSqrt.ms
as -o LongSqrt_i.o  LongSqrt.is
as -o RealSqrt_m.o  RealSqrt.ms
as -o RealSqrt_i.o  RealSqrt.is
as -o LongFloatExtras_m.o  LongFloatExtras.ms
as -o LongFloatExtras_i.o  LongFloatExtras.is
as -o RealFloatExtras_m.o  RealFloatExtras.ms
as -o RealFloatExtras_i.o  RealFloatExtras.is
as -o TextPQ_m.o  TextPQ.ms
as -o TextPQRep_i.o  TextPQRep.is
as -o TextPQ_i.o  TextPQ.is
as -o RefPQ_m.o  RefPQ.ms
as -o RefPQRep_i.o  RefPQRep.is
as -o RefPQ_i.o  RefPQ.is
as -o IntPQ_m.o  IntPQ.ms
as -o IntPQRep_i.o  IntPQRep.is
as -o IntPQ_i.o  IntPQ.is
as -o AtomPQ_m.o  AtomPQ.ms
as -o AtomPQRep_i.o  AtomPQRep.is
as -o AtomPQ_i.o  AtomPQ.is
as -o LowPerfTool_m.o  LowPerfTool.ms
as -o LowPerfTool_i.o  LowPerfTool.is
as -o PerfTool_m.o  PerfTool.ms
as -o PerfTool_i.o  PerfTool.is
as -o BundleRep_i.o  BundleRep.is
as -o Bundle_m.o  Bundle.ms
as -o Bundle_i.o  Bundle.is
as -o ETimer_m.o  ETimer.ms
as -o ETimer_i.o  ETimer.is
as -o TextSeq_m.o  TextSeq.ms
as -o TextSeqRep_i.o  TextSeqRep.is
as -o TextSeq_i.o  TextSeq.is
as -o RefSeq_m.o  RefSeq.ms
as -o RefSeqRep_i.o  RefSeqRep.is
as -o RefSeq_i.o  RefSeq.is
as -o IntSeq_m.o  IntSeq.ms
as -o IntSeqRep_i.o  IntSeqRep.is
as -o IntSeq_i.o  IntSeq.is
as -o AtomSeq_m.o  AtomSeq.ms
as -o AtomSeqRep_i.o  AtomSeqRep.is
as -o AtomSeq_i.o  AtomSeq.is
as -o TextArraySort_m.o  TextArraySort.ms
as -o TextArraySort_i.o  TextArraySort.is
as -o IntArraySort_m.o  IntArraySort.ms
as -o IntArraySort_i.o  IntArraySort.is
as -o SortedTextTextTbl_m.o  SortedTextTextTbl.ms
as -o SortedTextTextTbl_i.o  SortedTextTextTbl.is
as -o SortedTextRefTbl_m.o  SortedTextRefTbl.ms
as -o SortedTextRefTbl_i.o  SortedTextRefTbl.is
as -o SortedTextIntTbl_m.o  SortedTextIntTbl.ms
as -o SortedTextIntTbl_i.o  SortedTextIntTbl.is
as -o SortedTextAtomTbl_m.o  SortedTextAtomTbl.ms
as -o SortedTextAtomTbl_i.o  SortedTextAtomTbl.is
as -o SortedRefTextTbl_m.o  SortedRefTextTbl.ms
as -o SortedRefTextTbl_i.o  SortedRefTextTbl.is
as -o SortedRefRefTbl_m.o  SortedRefRefTbl.ms
as -o SortedRefRefTbl_i.o  SortedRefRefTbl.is
as -o SortedRefIntTbl_m.o  SortedRefIntTbl.ms
as -o SortedRefIntTbl_i.o  SortedRefIntTbl.is
as -o SortedRefAtomTbl_m.o  SortedRefAtomTbl.ms
as -o SortedRefAtomTbl_i.o  SortedRefAtomTbl.is
as -o SortedIntTextTbl_m.o  SortedIntTextTbl.ms
as -o SortedIntTextTbl_i.o  SortedIntTextTbl.is
as -o SortedIntRefTbl_m.o  SortedIntRefTbl.ms
as -o SortedIntRefTbl_i.o  SortedIntRefTbl.is
as -o SortedIntIntTbl_m.o  SortedIntIntTbl.ms
as -o SortedIntIntTbl_i.o  SortedIntIntTbl.is
as -o SortedIntAtomTbl_m.o  SortedIntAtomTbl.ms
as -o SortedIntAtomTbl_i.o  SortedIntAtomTbl.is
as -o SortedAtomTextTbl_m.o  SortedAtomTextTbl.ms
as -o SortedAtomTextTbl_i.o  SortedAtomTextTbl.is
as -o SortedAtomRefTbl_m.o  SortedAtomRefTbl.ms
as -o SortedAtomRefTbl_i.o  SortedAtomRefTbl.is
as -o SortedAtomIntTbl_m.o  SortedAtomIntTbl.ms
as -o SortedAtomIntTbl_i.o  SortedAtomIntTbl.is
as -o SortedAtomAtomTbl_m.o  SortedAtomAtomTbl.ms
as -o SortedAtomAtomTbl_i.o  SortedAtomAtomTbl.is
as -o Atom_m.o  Atom.ms
as -o Atom_i.o  Atom.is
as -o TextTextTbl_m.o  TextTextTbl.ms
as -o TextTextTbl_i.o  TextTextTbl.is
as -o TextRefTbl_m.o  TextRefTbl.ms
as -o TextRefTbl_i.o  TextRefTbl.is
as -o TextIntTbl_m.o  TextIntTbl.ms
as -o TextIntTbl_i.o  TextIntTbl.is
as -o TextAtomTbl_m.o  TextAtomTbl.ms
as -o TextAtomTbl_i.o  TextAtomTbl.is
as -o RefTextTbl_m.o  RefTextTbl.ms
as -o RefTextTbl_i.o  RefTextTbl.is
as -o RefRefTbl_m.o  RefRefTbl.ms
as -o RefRefTbl_i.o  RefRefTbl.is
as -o RefIntTbl_m.o  RefIntTbl.ms
as -o RefIntTbl_i.o  RefIntTbl.is
as -o RefAtomTbl_m.o  RefAtomTbl.ms
as -o RefAtomTbl_i.o  RefAtomTbl.is
as -o IntTextTbl_m.o  IntTextTbl.ms
as -o IntTextTbl_i.o  IntTextTbl.is
as -o IntRefTbl_m.o  IntRefTbl.ms
as -o IntRefTbl_i.o  IntRefTbl.is
as -o IntIntTbl_m.o  IntIntTbl.ms
as -o IntIntTbl_i.o  IntIntTbl.is
as -o IntAtomTbl_m.o  IntAtomTbl.ms
as -o IntAtomTbl_i.o  IntAtomTbl.is
as -o AtomTextTbl_m.o  AtomTextTbl.ms
as -o AtomTextTbl_i.o  AtomTextTbl.is
as -o AtomRefTbl_m.o  AtomRefTbl.ms
as -o AtomRefTbl_i.o  AtomRefTbl.is
as -o AtomIntTbl_m.o  AtomIntTbl.ms
as -o AtomIntTbl_i.o  AtomIntTbl.is
as -o AtomAtomTbl_m.o  AtomAtomTbl.ms
as -o AtomAtomTbl_i.o  AtomAtomTbl.is
as -o MPropertyF_i.o  MPropertyF.is
as -o PropertyF_i.o  PropertyF.is
as -o MProperty_m.o  MProperty.ms
as -o MProperty_i.o  MProperty.is
as -o PropertyV_m.o  PropertyV.ms
as -o PropertyV_i.o  PropertyV.is
as -o Property_m.o  Property.ms
as -o Property_i.o  Property.is
as -o Params_m.o  Params.ms
as -o Params_i.o  Params.is
as -o Env_m.o  Env.ms
as -o Env_i.o  Env.is
as -o Formatter_m.o  Formatter.ms
as -o Formatter_i.o  Formatter.is
as -o Stat_m.o  Stat.ms
as -o Stat_i.o  Stat.is
as -o PathPrivate_i.o  PathPrivate.is
as -o RegionRep_i.o  RegionRep.is
as -o Trapezoid_m.o  Trapezoid.ms
as -o Trapezoid_i.o  Trapezoid.is
as -o PolyRegion_m.o  PolyRegion.ms
as -o PolyRegion_i.o  PolyRegion.is
as -o Region_m.o  Region.ms
as -o Region_i.o  Region.is
as -o Path_m.o  Path.ms
as -o Path_i.o  Path.is
as -o Transform_m.o  Transform.ms
as -o Transform_i.o  Transform.is
as -o Rect_m.o  Rect.ms
as -o Rect_i.o  Rect.is
as -o Point_m.o  Point.ms
as -o Point_i.o  Point.is
as -o Interval_m.o  Interval.ms
as -o Interval_i.o  Interval.is
as -o Axis_m.o  Axis.ms
as -o Axis_i.o  Axis.is
as -o Math_i.o  Math.is
as -o CIText_m.o  CIText.ms
as -o CIText_i.o  CIText.is
as -o LongrealType_m.o  LongrealType.ms
as -o LongrealType_i.o  LongrealType.is
as -o RealType_m.o  RealType.ms
as -o RealType_i.o  RealType.is
as -o ASCII_m.o  ASCII.ms
as -o ASCII_i.o  ASCII.is
as -o Refany_m.o  Refany.ms
as -o Refany_i.o  Refany.is
as -o Integer_m.o  Integer.ms
as -o Integer_i.o  Integer.is
as -o Int32_m.o  Int32.ms
as -o Int32_i.o  Int32.is
as -o Char_m.o  Char.ms
as -o Char_i.o  Char.is
as -o Boolean_m.o  Boolean.ms
as -o Boolean_i.o  Boolean.is
as -o Sx_m.o  Sx.ms
as -o Sx_i.o  Sx.is
as -o TextListSort_m.o  TextListSort.ms
as -o TextListSort_i.o  TextListSort.is
as -o RefListSort_m.o  RefListSort.ms
as -o RefListSort_i.o  RefListSort.is
as -o IntListSort_m.o  IntListSort.ms
as -o IntListSort_i.o  IntListSort.is
as -o AtomListSort_m.o  AtomListSort.ms
as -o AtomListSort_i.o  AtomListSort.is
as -o TextList_m.o  TextList.ms
as -o TextList_i.o  TextList.is
as -o RefList_m.o  RefList.ms
as -o RefList_i.o  RefList.is
as -o IntList_m.o  IntList.ms
as -o IntList_i.o  IntList.is
as -o AtomList_m.o  AtomList.ms
as -o AtomList_i.o  AtomList.is
as -o OldScan_m.o  OldScan.ms
as -o OldScan_i.o  OldScan.is
as -o OldLex_m.o  OldLex.ms
as -o OldLex_i.o  OldLex.is
as -o OldFmt_m.o  OldFmt.ms
as -o OldFmt_i.o  OldFmt.is
as -o FmtBufTest_i.o  FmtBufTest.is
as -o FmtBufF_i.o  FmtBufF.is
as -o FmtBuf_m.o  FmtBuf.ms
as -o FmtBuf_i.o  FmtBuf.is
as -o Scan_m.o  Scan.ms
as -o Scan_i.o  Scan.is
as -o Lex_m.o  Lex.ms
as -o Lex_i.o  Lex.is
as -o Fmt_m.o  Fmt.ms
as -o Fmt_i.o  Fmt.is
as -o WrPosix_m.o  WrPosix.ms
as -o MsgWr_i.o  MsgWr.is
as -o MsgRd_i.o  MsgRd.is
as -o RdUtils_m.o  RdUtils.ms
as -o RdUtils_i.o  RdUtils.is
as -o Stdio_m.o  Stdio.ms
as -o Stdio_i.o  Stdio.is
as -o AutoFlushWr_m.o  AutoFlushWr.ms
as -o AutoFlushWr_i.o  AutoFlushWr.is
as -o IO_m.o  IO.ms
as -o IO_i.o  IO.is
as -o FileWr_m.o  FileWr.ms
as -o FileWr_i.o  FileWr.is
as -o FileRd_m.o  FileRd.ms
as -o FileRd_i.o  FileRd.is
as -o TextWr_m.o  TextWr.ms
as -o TextWr_i.o  TextWr.is
as -o TextRd_m.o  TextRd.ms
as -o TextRd_i.o  TextRd.is
as -o RdCopy_m.o  RdCopy.ms
as -o RdCopy_i.o  RdCopy.is
as -o NullWr_m.o  NullWr.ms
as -o NullWr_i.o  NullWr.is
as -o NullRd_m.o  NullRd.ms
as -o NullRd_i.o  NullRd.is
as -o WrMove_m.o  WrMove.ms
as -o WrClass_i.o  WrClass.is
as -o Wr_i.o  Wr.is
as -o UnsafeWr_i.o  UnsafeWr.is
as -o RdImpl_m.o  RdImpl.ms
as -o RdMove_m.o  RdMove.ms
as -o UnsafeRd_i.o  UnsafeRd.is
as -o RdClass_i.o  RdClass.is
as -o Rd_i.o  Rd.is
as -o MachineIDPosix_m.o  MachineIDPosix.ms
as -o TimeStampRep_i.o  TimeStampRep.is
as -o MachineID_i.o  MachineID.is
as -o Swap_m.o  Swap.ms
as -o Swap_i.o  Swap.is
as -o Capability_m.o  Capability.ms
as -o Capability_i.o  Capability.is
as -o TimeStamp_m.o  TimeStamp.ms
as -o TimeStamp_i.o  TimeStamp.is
as -o RandomReal_m.o  RandomReal.ms
as -o RandomReal_i.o  RandomReal.is
as -o RandomPerm_m.o  RandomPerm.ms
as -o RandomPerm_i.o  RandomPerm.is
as -o Random_m.o  Random.ms
as -o Random_i.o  Random.is
as -o ProcessPosix_m.o  ProcessPosix.ms
as -o PathnamePosix_m.o  PathnamePosix.ms
as -o PipePosix_m.o  PipePosix.ms
as -o FSPosix_m.o  FSPosix.ms
as -o FilePosix_m.o  FilePosix.ms
as -o FilePosix_i.o  FilePosix.is
as -o OSErrorPosix_m.o  OSErrorPosix.ms
as -o OSErrorPosix_i.o  OSErrorPosix.is
as -o FS_m.o  FS.ms
as -o Pipe_m.o  Pipe.ms
as -o RegularFile_m.o  RegularFile.ms
as -o Terminal_m.o  Terminal.ms
as -o Terminal_i.o  Terminal.is
as -o Process_i.o  Process.is
as -o FS_i.o  FS.is
as -o Pathname_i.o  Pathname.is
as -o Pipe_i.o  Pipe.is
as -o RegularFile_i.o  RegularFile.is
as -o File_i.o  File.is
as -o OSError_i.o  OSError.is
ar rv libm3.a AtomPkl_m.o AtomPkl_i.o ListPkl_m.o ListPkl_i.o PickleStubs_m.o PickleStubs_i.o Pickle_m.o Pickle_i.o PackingTbl_m.o PackingTbl_i.o PackingTypeCode_m.o PackingTypeCode_i.o PklActionSeq_m.o PklActionSeqRep_i.o PklActionSeq_i.o PickleRd_i.o PklAction_i.o ConvertPacking_m.o ConvertPacking_i.o PklTipeMap_m.o PklTipeMap_i.o RegEx_m.o RegEx_i.o LongSqrt_m.o LongSqrt_i.o RealSqrt_m.o RealSqrt_i.o LongFloatExtras_m.o LongFloatExtras_i.o RealFloatExtras_m.o RealFloatExtras_i.o TextPQ_m.o TextPQRep_i.o TextPQ_i.o RefPQ_m.o RefPQRep_i.o RefPQ_i.o IntPQ_m.o IntPQRep_i.o IntPQ_i.o AtomPQ_m.o AtomPQRep_i.o AtomPQ_i.o LowPerfTool_m.o LowPerfTool_i.o PerfTool_m.o PerfTool_i.o BundleRep_i.o Bundle_m.o Bundle_i.o ETimer_m.o ETimer_i.o TextSeq_m.o TextSeqRep_i.o TextSeq_i.o RefSeq_m.o RefSeqRep_i.o RefSeq_i.o IntSeq_m.o IntSeqRep_i.o IntSeq_i.o AtomSeq_m.o AtomSeqRep_i.o AtomSeq_i.o TextArraySort_m.o TextArraySort_i.o IntArraySort_m.o IntArraySort_i.o SortedTextTextTbl_m.o SortedTextTextTbl_i.o SortedTextRefTbl_m.o SortedTextRefTbl_i.o SortedTextIntTbl_m.o SortedTextIntTbl_i.o SortedTextAtomTbl_m.o SortedTextAtomTbl_i.o SortedRefTextTbl_m.o SortedRefTextTbl_i.o SortedRefRefTbl_m.o SortedRefRefTbl_i.o SortedRefIntTbl_m.o SortedRefIntTbl_i.o SortedRefAtomTbl_m.o SortedRefAtomTbl_i.o SortedIntTextTbl_m.o SortedIntTextTbl_i.o SortedIntRefTbl_m.o SortedIntRefTbl_i.o SortedIntIntTbl_m.o SortedIntIntTbl_i.o SortedIntAtomTbl_m.o SortedIntAtomTbl_i.o SortedAtomTextTbl_m.o SortedAtomTextTbl_i.o SortedAtomRefTbl_m.o SortedAtomRefTbl_i.o SortedAtomIntTbl_m.o SortedAtomIntTbl_i.o SortedAtomAtomTbl_m.o SortedAtomAtomTbl_i.o Atom_m.o Atom_i.o TextTextTbl_m.o TextTextTbl_i.o TextRefTbl_m.o TextRefTbl_i.o TextIntTbl_m.o TextIntTbl_i.o TextAtomTbl_m.o TextAtomTbl_i.o RefTextTbl_m.o RefTextTbl_i.o RefRefTbl_m.o RefRefTbl_i.o RefIntTbl_m.o RefIntTbl_i.o RefAtomTbl_m.o RefAtomTbl_i.o IntTextTbl_m.o IntTextTbl_i.o IntRefTbl_m.o IntRefTbl_i.o IntIntTbl_m.o IntIntTbl_i.o IntAtomTbl_m.o IntAtomTbl_i.o AtomTextTbl_m.o AtomTextTbl_i.o AtomRefTbl_m.o AtomRefTbl_i.o AtomIntTbl_m.o AtomIntTbl_i.o AtomAtomTbl_m.o AtomAtomTbl_i.o MPropertyF_i.o PropertyF_i.o MProperty_m.o MProperty_i.o PropertyV_m.o PropertyV_i.o Property_m.o Property_i.o Params_m.o Params_i.o Env_m.o Env_i.o Formatter_m.o Formatter_i.o Stat_m.o Stat_i.o PathPrivate_i.o RegionRep_i.o Trapezoid_m.o Trapezoid_i.o PolyRegion_m.o PolyRegion_i.o Region_m.o Region_i.o Path_m.o Path_i.o Transform_m.o Transform_i.o Rect_m.o Rect_i.o Point_m.o Point_i.o Interval_m.o Interval_i.o Axis_m.o Axis_i.o Math_i.o CIText_m.o CIText_i.o LongrealType_m.o LongrealType_i.o RealType_m.o RealType_i.o ASCII_m.o ASCII_i.o Refany_m.o Refany_i.o Integer_m.o Integer_i.o Int32_m.o Int32_i.o Char_m.o Char_i.o Boolean_m.o Boolean_i.o Sx_m.o Sx_i.o TextListSort_m.o TextListSort_i.o RefListSort_m.o RefListSort_i.o IntListSort_m.o IntListSort_i.o AtomListSort_m.o AtomListSort_i.o TextList_m.o TextList_i.o RefList_m.o RefList_i.o IntList_m.o IntList_i.o AtomList_m.o AtomList_i.o OldScan_m.o OldScan_i.o OldLex_m.o OldLex_i.o OldFmt_m.o OldFmt_i.o FmtBufTest_i.o FmtBufF_i.o FmtBuf_m.o FmtBuf_i.o Scan_m.o Scan_i.o Lex_m.o Lex_i.o Fmt_m.o Fmt_i.o WrPosix_m.o MsgWr_i.o MsgRd_i.o RdUtils_m.o RdUtils_i.o Stdio_m.o Stdio_i.o AutoFlushWr_m.o AutoFlushWr_i.o IO_m.o IO_i.o FileWr_m.o FileWr_i.o FileRd_m.o FileRd_i.o TextWr_m.o TextWr_i.o TextRd_m.o TextRd_i.o RdCopy_m.o RdCopy_i.o NullWr_m.o NullWr_i.o NullRd_m.o NullRd_i.o WrMove_m.o WrClass_i.o Wr_i.o UnsafeWr_i.o RdImpl_m.o RdMove_m.o UnsafeRd_i.o RdClass_i.o Rd_i.o MachineIDPosix_m.o TimeStampRep_i.o MachineID_i.o Swap_m.o Swap_i.o Capability_m.o Capability_i.o TimeStamp_m.o TimeStamp_i.o RandomReal_m.o RandomReal_i.o RandomPerm_m.o RandomPerm_i.o Random_m.o Random_i.o ProcessPosix_m.o PathnamePosix_m.o PipePosix_m.o FSPosix_m.o FilePosix_m.o FilePosix_i.o OSErrorPosix_m.o OSErrorPosix_i.o FS_m.o Pipe_m.o RegularFile_m.o Terminal_m.o Terminal_i.o Process_i.o FS_i.o Pathname_i.o Pipe_i.o RegularFile_i.o File_i.o OSError_i.o
ar: creating libm3.a
a - AtomPkl_m.o
a - AtomPkl_i.o
a - ListPkl_m.o
a - ListPkl_i.o
a - PickleStubs_m.o
a - PickleStubs_i.o
a - Pickle_m.o
a - Pickle_i.o
a - PackingTbl_m.o
a - PackingTbl_i.o
a - PackingTypeCode_m.o
a - PackingTypeCode_i.o
a - PklActionSeq_m.o
a - PklActionSeqRep_i.o
a - PklActionSeq_i.o
a - PickleRd_i.o
a - PklAction_i.o
a - ConvertPacking_m.o
a - ConvertPacking_i.o
a - PklTipeMap_m.o
a - PklTipeMap_i.o
a - RegEx_m.o
a - RegEx_i.o
a - LongSqrt_m.o
a - LongSqrt_i.o
a - RealSqrt_m.o
a - RealSqrt_i.o
a - LongFloatExtras_m.o
a - LongFloatExtras_i.o
a - RealFloatExtras_m.o
a - RealFloatExtras_i.o
a - TextPQ_m.o
a - TextPQRep_i.o
a - TextPQ_i.o
a - RefPQ_m.o
a - RefPQRep_i.o
a - RefPQ_i.o
a - IntPQ_m.o
a - IntPQRep_i.o
a - IntPQ_i.o
a - AtomPQ_m.o
a - AtomPQRep_i.o
a - AtomPQ_i.o
a - LowPerfTool_m.o
a - LowPerfTool_i.o
a - PerfTool_m.o
a - PerfTool_i.o
a - BundleRep_i.o
a - Bundle_m.o
a - Bundle_i.o
a - ETimer_m.o
a - ETimer_i.o
a - TextSeq_m.o
a - TextSeqRep_i.o
a - TextSeq_i.o
a - RefSeq_m.o
a - RefSeqRep_i.o
a - RefSeq_i.o
a - IntSeq_m.o
a - IntSeqRep_i.o
a - IntSeq_i.o
a - AtomSeq_m.o
a - AtomSeqRep_i.o
a - AtomSeq_i.o
a - TextArraySort_m.o
a - TextArraySort_i.o
a - IntArraySort_m.o
a - IntArraySort_i.o
a - SortedTextTextTbl_m.o
a - SortedTextTextTbl_i.o
a - SortedTextRefTbl_m.o
a - SortedTextRefTbl_i.o
a - SortedTextIntTbl_m.o
a - SortedTextIntTbl_i.o
a - SortedTextAtomTbl_m.o
a - SortedTextAtomTbl_i.o
a - SortedRefTextTbl_m.o
a - SortedRefTextTbl_i.o
a - SortedRefRefTbl_m.o
a - SortedRefRefTbl_i.o
a - SortedRefIntTbl_m.o
a - SortedRefIntTbl_i.o
a - SortedRefAtomTbl_m.o
a - SortedRefAtomTbl_i.o
a - SortedIntTextTbl_m.o
a - SortedIntTextTbl_i.o
a - SortedIntRefTbl_m.o
a - SortedIntRefTbl_i.o
a - SortedIntIntTbl_m.o
a - SortedIntIntTbl_i.o
a - SortedIntAtomTbl_m.o
a - SortedIntAtomTbl_i.o
a - SortedAtomTextTbl_m.o
a - SortedAtomTextTbl_i.o
a - SortedAtomRefTbl_m.o
a - SortedAtomRefTbl_i.o
a - SortedAtomIntTbl_m.o
a - SortedAtomIntTbl_i.o
a - SortedAtomAtomTbl_m.o
a - SortedAtomAtomTbl_i.o
a - Atom_m.o
a - Atom_i.o
a - TextTextTbl_m.o
a - TextTextTbl_i.o
a - TextRefTbl_m.o
a - TextRefTbl_i.o
a - TextIntTbl_m.o
a - TextIntTbl_i.o
a - TextAtomTbl_m.o
a - TextAtomTbl_i.o
a - RefTextTbl_m.o
a - RefTextTbl_i.o
a - RefRefTbl_m.o
a - RefRefTbl_i.o
a - RefIntTbl_m.o
a - RefIntTbl_i.o
a - RefAtomTbl_m.o
a - RefAtomTbl_i.o
a - IntTextTbl_m.o
a - IntTextTbl_i.o
a - IntRefTbl_m.o
a - IntRefTbl_i.o
a - IntIntTbl_m.o
a - IntIntTbl_i.o
a - IntAtomTbl_m.o
a - IntAtomTbl_i.o
a - AtomTextTbl_m.o
a - AtomTextTbl_i.o
a - AtomRefTbl_m.o
a - AtomRefTbl_i.o
a - AtomIntTbl_m.o
a - AtomIntTbl_i.o
a - AtomAtomTbl_m.o
a - AtomAtomTbl_i.o
a - MPropertyF_i.o
a - PropertyF_i.o
a - MProperty_m.o
a - MProperty_i.o
a - PropertyV_m.o
a - PropertyV_i.o
a - Property_m.o
a - Property_i.o
a - Params_m.o
a - Params_i.o
a - Env_m.o
a - Env_i.o
a - Formatter_m.o
a - Formatter_i.o
a - Stat_m.o
a - Stat_i.o
a - PathPrivate_i.o
a - RegionRep_i.o
a - Trapezoid_m.o
a - Trapezoid_i.o
a - PolyRegion_m.o
a - PolyRegion_i.o
a - Region_m.o
a - Region_i.o
a - Path_m.o
a - Path_i.o
a - Transform_m.o
a - Transform_i.o
a - Rect_m.o
a - Rect_i.o
a - Point_m.o
a - Point_i.o
a - Interval_m.o
a - Interval_i.o
a - Axis_m.o
a - Axis_i.o
a - Math_i.o
a - CIText_m.o
a - CIText_i.o
a - LongrealType_m.o
a - LongrealType_i.o
a - RealType_m.o
a - RealType_i.o
a - ASCII_m.o
a - ASCII_i.o
a - Refany_m.o
a - Refany_i.o
a - Integer_m.o
a - Integer_i.o
a - Int32_m.o
a - Int32_i.o
a - Char_m.o
a - Char_i.o
a - Boolean_m.o
a - Boolean_i.o
a - Sx_m.o
a - Sx_i.o
a - TextListSort_m.o
a - TextListSort_i.o
a - RefListSort_m.o
a - RefListSort_i.o
a - IntListSort_m.o
a - IntListSort_i.o
a - AtomListSort_m.o
a - AtomListSort_i.o
a - TextList_m.o
a - TextList_i.o
a - RefList_m.o
a - RefList_i.o
a - IntList_m.o
a - IntList_i.o
a - AtomList_m.o
a - AtomList_i.o
a - OldScan_m.o
a - OldScan_i.o
a - OldLex_m.o
a - OldLex_i.o
a - OldFmt_m.o
a - OldFmt_i.o
a - FmtBufTest_i.o
a - FmtBufF_i.o
a - FmtBuf_m.o
a - FmtBuf_i.o
a - Scan_m.o
a - Scan_i.o
a - Lex_m.o
a - Lex_i.o
a - Fmt_m.o
a - Fmt_i.o
a - WrPosix_m.o
a - MsgWr_i.o
a - MsgRd_i.o
a - RdUtils_m.o
a - RdUtils_i.o
a - Stdio_m.o
a - Stdio_i.o
a - AutoFlushWr_m.o
a - AutoFlushWr_i.o
a - IO_m.o
a - IO_i.o
a - FileWr_m.o
a - FileWr_i.o
a - FileRd_m.o
a - FileRd_i.o
a - TextWr_m.o
a - TextWr_i.o
a - TextRd_m.o
a - TextRd_i.o
a - RdCopy_m.o
a - RdCopy_i.o
a - NullWr_m.o
a - NullWr_i.o
a - NullRd_m.o
a - NullRd_i.o
a - WrMove_m.o
a - WrClass_i.o
a - Wr_i.o
a - UnsafeWr_i.o
a - RdImpl_m.o
a - RdMove_m.o
a - UnsafeRd_i.o
a - RdClass_i.o
a - Rd_i.o
a - MachineIDPosix_m.o
a - TimeStampRep_i.o
a - MachineID_i.o
a - Swap_m.o
a - Swap_i.o
a - Capability_m.o
a - Capability_i.o
a - TimeStamp_m.o
a - TimeStamp_i.o
a - RandomReal_m.o
a - RandomReal_i.o
a - RandomPerm_m.o
a - RandomPerm_i.o
a - Random_m.o
a - Random_i.o
a - ProcessPosix_m.o
a - PathnamePosix_m.o
a - PipePosix_m.o
a - FSPosix_m.o
a - FilePosix_m.o
a - FilePosix_i.o
a - OSErrorPosix_m.o
a - OSErrorPosix_i.o
a - FS_m.o
a - Pipe_m.o
a - RegularFile_m.o
a - Terminal_m.o
a - Terminal_i.o
a - Process_i.o
a - FS_i.o
a - Pathname_i.o
a - Pipe_i.o
a - RegularFile_i.o
a - File_i.o
a - OSError_i.o
touch libm3.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/libm3/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3middle/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3middle/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o M3RT_m.o  M3RT.ms
as -o M3RT_i.o  M3RT.is
as -o M3CG_Wr_m.o  M3CG_Wr.ms
as -o M3CG_Wr_i.o  M3CG_Wr.is
as -o M3CG_Rd_m.o  M3CG_Rd.ms
as -o M3CG_Rd_i.o  M3CG_Rd.is
as -o M3CG_Clean_m.o  M3CG_Clean.ms
as -o M3CG_Clean_i.o  M3CG_Clean.is
as -o M3CG_Check_m.o  M3CG_Check.ms
as -o M3CG_Check_i.o  M3CG_Check.is
as -o M3CG_Ops_i.o  M3CG_Ops.is
as -o M3CG_m.o  M3CG.ms
as -o M3CG_i.o  M3CG.is
as -o M3File_m.o  M3File.ms
as -o M3File_i.o  M3File.is
as -o M3Timers_m.o  M3Timers.ms
as -o M3Timers_i.o  M3Timers.is
as -o M3ID_m.o  M3ID.ms
as -o M3ID_i.o  M3ID.is
as -o M3Buf_m.o  M3Buf.ms
as -o M3Buf_i.o  M3Buf.is
as -o M3FP_m.o  M3FP.ms
as -o M3FP_i.o  M3FP.is
as -o TFloat_m.o  TFloat.ms
as -o TFloat_i.o  TFloat.is
as -o TWord_m.o  TWord.ms
as -o TWord_i.o  TWord.is
as -o TInt_m.o  TInt.ms
as -o TInt_i.o  TInt.is
as -o TargetMap_m.o  TargetMap.ms
as -o TargetMap_i.o  TargetMap.is
as -o Target_m.o  Target.ms
as -o Target_i.o  Target.is
as -o CoffTime_m.o  CoffTime.ms
as -o CoffTime_i.o  CoffTime.is
ar rv libm3middle.a M3RT_m.o M3RT_i.o M3CG_Wr_m.o M3CG_Wr_i.o M3CG_Rd_m.o M3CG_Rd_i.o M3CG_Clean_m.o M3CG_Clean_i.o M3CG_Check_m.o M3CG_Check_i.o M3CG_Ops_i.o M3CG_m.o M3CG_i.o M3File_m.o M3File_i.o M3Timers_m.o M3Timers_i.o M3ID_m.o M3ID_i.o M3Buf_m.o M3Buf_i.o M3FP_m.o M3FP_i.o TFloat_m.o TFloat_i.o TWord_m.o TWord_i.o TInt_m.o TInt_i.o TargetMap_m.o TargetMap_i.o Target_m.o Target_i.o CoffTime_m.o CoffTime_i.o
ar: creating libm3middle.a
a - M3RT_m.o
a - M3RT_i.o
a - M3CG_Wr_m.o
a - M3CG_Wr_i.o
a - M3CG_Rd_m.o
a - M3CG_Rd_i.o
a - M3CG_Clean_m.o
a - M3CG_Clean_i.o
a - M3CG_Check_m.o
a - M3CG_Check_i.o
a - M3CG_Ops_i.o
a - M3CG_m.o
a - M3CG_i.o
a - M3File_m.o
a - M3File_i.o
a - M3Timers_m.o
a - M3Timers_i.o
a - M3ID_m.o
a - M3ID_i.o
a - M3Buf_m.o
a - M3Buf_i.o
a - M3FP_m.o
a - M3FP_i.o
a - TFloat_m.o
a - TFloat_i.o
a - TWord_m.o
a - TWord_i.o
a - TInt_m.o
a - TInt_i.o
a - TargetMap_m.o
a - TargetMap_i.o
a - Target_m.o
a - Target_i.o
a - CoffTime_m.o
a - CoffTime_i.o
touch libm3middle.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3middle/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3front/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3front/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o Variable_m.o  Variable.ms
as -o Variable_i.o  Variable.is
as -o Tipe_m.o  Tipe.ms
as -o Tipe_i.o  Tipe.is
as -o Revelation_m.o  Revelation.ms
as -o Revelation_i.o  Revelation.is
as -o Procedure_m.o  Procedure.ms
as -o Procedure_i.o  Procedure.is
as -o Module_m.o  Module.ms
as -o Module_i.o  Module.is
as -o Method_m.o  Method.ms
as -o Method_i.o  Method.is
as -o Ident_m.o  Ident.ms
as -o Ident_i.o  Ident.is
as -o Formal_m.o  Formal.ms
as -o Formal_i.o  Formal.is
as -o Field_m.o  Field.ms
as -o Field_i.o  Field.is
as -o External_m.o  External.ms
as -o External_i.o  External.is
as -o Exceptionz_m.o  Exceptionz.ms
as -o Exceptionz_i.o  Exceptionz.is
as -o EnumElt_m.o  EnumElt.ms
as -o EnumElt_i.o  EnumElt.is
as -o Decl_m.o  Decl.ms
as -o Decl_i.o  Decl.is
as -o Constant_m.o  Constant.ms
as -o Constant_i.o  Constant.is
as -o ValueRep_i.o  ValueRep.is
as -o Value_m.o  Value.ms
as -o Value_i.o  Value.is
as -o UserProc_m.o  UserProc.ms
as -o UserProc_i.o  UserProc.is
as -o TypeTbl_m.o  TypeTbl.ms
as -o TypeTbl_i.o  TypeTbl.is
as -o TypeFP_m.o  TypeFP.ms
as -o TypeFP_i.o  TypeFP.is
as -o SubrangeType_m.o  SubrangeType.ms
as -o SubrangeType_i.o  SubrangeType.is
as -o SetType_m.o  SetType.ms
as -o SetType_i.o  SetType.is
as -o RefType_m.o  RefType.ms
as -o RefType_i.o  RefType.is
as -o RecordType_m.o  RecordType.ms
as -o RecordType_i.o  RecordType.is
as -o ProcType_m.o  ProcType.ms
as -o ProcType_i.o  ProcType.is
as -o PackedType_m.o  PackedType.ms
as -o PackedType_i.o  PackedType.is
as -o OpenArrayType_m.o  OpenArrayType.ms
as -o OpenArrayType_i.o  OpenArrayType.is
as -o OpaqueType_m.o  OpaqueType.ms
as -o OpaqueType_i.o  OpaqueType.is
as -o ObjectType_m.o  ObjectType.ms
as -o ObjectType_i.o  ObjectType.is
as -o NamedType_m.o  NamedType.ms
as -o NamedType_i.o  NamedType.is
as -o EnumType_m.o  EnumType.ms
as -o EnumType_i.o  EnumType.is
as -o ArrayType_m.o  ArrayType.ms
as -o ArrayType_i.o  ArrayType.is
as -o TypeRep_i.o  TypeRep.is
as -o Type_m.o  Type.ms
as -o Type_i.o  Type.is
as -o WithStmt_m.o  WithStmt.ms
as -o WithStmt_i.o  WithStmt.is
as -o WhileStmt_m.o  WhileStmt.ms
as -o WhileStmt_i.o  WhileStmt.is
as -o TypeCaseStmt_m.o  TypeCaseStmt.ms
as -o TypeCaseStmt_i.o  TypeCaseStmt.is
as -o TryStmt_m.o  TryStmt.ms
as -o TryStmt_i.o  TryStmt.is
as -o TryFinStmt_m.o  TryFinStmt.ms
as -o TryFinStmt_i.o  TryFinStmt.is
as -o ReturnStmt_m.o  ReturnStmt.ms
as -o ReturnStmt_i.o  ReturnStmt.is
as -o RepeatStmt_m.o  RepeatStmt.ms
as -o RepeatStmt_i.o  RepeatStmt.is
as -o RaiseStmt_m.o  RaiseStmt.ms
as -o RaiseStmt_i.o  RaiseStmt.is
as -o LoopStmt_m.o  LoopStmt.ms
as -o LoopStmt_i.o  LoopStmt.is
as -o LockStmt_m.o  LockStmt.ms
as -o LockStmt_i.o  LockStmt.is
as -o IfStmt_m.o  IfStmt.ms
as -o IfStmt_i.o  IfStmt.is
as -o ForStmt_m.o  ForStmt.ms
as -o ForStmt_i.o  ForStmt.is
as -o ExitStmt_m.o  ExitStmt.ms
as -o ExitStmt_i.o  ExitStmt.is
as -o EvalStmt_m.o  EvalStmt.ms
as -o EvalStmt_i.o  EvalStmt.is
as -o CaseStmt_m.o  CaseStmt.ms
as -o CaseStmt_i.o  CaseStmt.is
as -o CallStmt_m.o  CallStmt.ms
as -o CallStmt_i.o  CallStmt.is
as -o BlockStmt_m.o  BlockStmt.ms
as -o BlockStmt_i.o  BlockStmt.is
as -o AssignStmt_m.o  AssignStmt.ms
as -o AssignStmt_i.o  AssignStmt.is
as -o AssertStmt_m.o  AssertStmt.ms
as -o AssertStmt_i.o  AssertStmt.is
as -o StmtRep_i.o  StmtRep.is
as -o Stmt_m.o  Stmt.ms
as -o Stmt_i.o  Stmt.is
as -o WebInfo_m.o  WebInfo.ms
as -o WebInfo_i.o  WebInfo.is
as -o Tracer_m.o  Tracer.ms
as -o Tracer_i.o  Tracer.is
as -o TipeDesc_m.o  TipeDesc.ms
as -o TipeDesc_i.o  TipeDesc.is
as -o TipeMap_m.o  TipeMap.ms
as -o TipeMap_i.o  TipeMap.is
as -o Runtime_m.o  Runtime.ms
as -o Runtime_i.o  Runtime.is
as -o CG_m.o  CG.ms
as -o CG_i.o  CG.is
as -o ProcBody_m.o  ProcBody.ms
as -o ProcBody_i.o  ProcBody.is
as -o ESet_m.o  ESet.ms
as -o ESet_i.o  ESet.is
as -o Coverage_m.o  Coverage.ms
as -o Coverage_i.o  Coverage.is
as -o Scope_m.o  Scope.ms
as -o Scope_i.o  Scope.is
as -o Scanner_m.o  Scanner.ms
as -o Scanner_i.o  Scanner.is
as -o Marker_m.o  Marker.ms
as -o Marker_i.o  Marker.is
as -o Host_m.o  Host.ms
as -o Host_i.o  Host.is
as -o Error_m.o  Error.ms
as -o Error_i.o  Error.is
as -o Token_m.o  Token.ms
as -o Token_i.o  Token.is
as -o M3String_m.o  M3String.ms
as -o M3String_i.o  M3String.is
as -o M3Header_m.o  M3Header.ms
as -o M3Header_i.o  M3Header.is
as -o M3_m.o  M3.ms
as -o M3_i.o  M3.is
as -o M3Compiler_m.o  M3Compiler.ms
as -o M3Compiler_i.o  M3Compiler.is
as -o VarExpr_m.o  VarExpr.ms
as -o VarExpr_i.o  VarExpr.is
as -o TypeExpr_m.o  TypeExpr.ms
as -o TypeExpr_i.o  TypeExpr.is
as -o TextExpr_m.o  TextExpr.ms
as -o TextExpr_i.o  TextExpr.is
as -o SubtractExpr_m.o  SubtractExpr.ms
as -o SubtractExpr_i.o  SubtractExpr.is
as -o SubscriptExpr_m.o  SubscriptExpr.ms
as -o SubscriptExpr_i.o  SubscriptExpr.is
as -o SetExpr_m.o  SetExpr.ms
as -o SetExpr_i.o  SetExpr.is
as -o ReelExpr_m.o  ReelExpr.ms
as -o ReelExpr_i.o  ReelExpr.is
as -o RecordExpr_m.o  RecordExpr.ms
as -o RecordExpr_i.o  RecordExpr.is
as -o RangeExpr_m.o  RangeExpr.ms
as -o RangeExpr_i.o  RangeExpr.is
as -o QualifyExpr_m.o  QualifyExpr.ms
as -o QualifyExpr_i.o  QualifyExpr.is
as -o ProcExpr_m.o  ProcExpr.ms
as -o ProcExpr_i.o  ProcExpr.is
as -o PlusExpr_m.o  PlusExpr.ms
as -o PlusExpr_i.o  PlusExpr.is
as -o OrExpr_m.o  OrExpr.ms
as -o OrExpr_i.o  OrExpr.is
as -o NotExpr_m.o  NotExpr.ms
as -o NotExpr_i.o  NotExpr.is
as -o NilChkExpr_m.o  NilChkExpr.ms
as -o NilChkExpr_i.o  NilChkExpr.is
as -o NegateExpr_m.o  NegateExpr.ms
as -o NegateExpr_i.o  NegateExpr.is
as -o NamedExpr_m.o  NamedExpr.ms
as -o NamedExpr_i.o  NamedExpr.is
as -o MultiplyExpr_m.o  MultiplyExpr.ms
as -o MultiplyExpr_i.o  MultiplyExpr.is
as -o ModExpr_m.o  ModExpr.ms
as -o ModExpr_i.o  ModExpr.is
as -o MethodExpr_m.o  MethodExpr.ms
as -o MethodExpr_i.o  MethodExpr.is
as -o KeywordExpr_m.o  KeywordExpr.ms
as -o KeywordExpr_i.o  KeywordExpr.is
as -o IntegerExpr_m.o  IntegerExpr.ms
as -o IntegerExpr_i.o  IntegerExpr.is
as -o InExpr_m.o  InExpr.ms
as -o InExpr_i.o  InExpr.is
as -o ExprParse_m.o  ExprParse.ms
as -o ExprParse_i.o  ExprParse.is
as -o EqualExpr_m.o  EqualExpr.ms
as -o EqualExpr_i.o  EqualExpr.is
as -o EnumExpr_m.o  EnumExpr.ms
as -o EnumExpr_i.o  EnumExpr.is
as -o DivideExpr_m.o  DivideExpr.ms
as -o DivideExpr_i.o  DivideExpr.is
as -o DivExpr_m.o  DivExpr.ms
as -o DivExpr_i.o  DivExpr.is
as -o DerefExpr_m.o  DerefExpr.ms
as -o DerefExpr_i.o  DerefExpr.is
as -o ConsExpr_m.o  ConsExpr.ms
as -o ConsExpr_i.o  ConsExpr.is
as -o ConcatExpr_m.o  ConcatExpr.ms
as -o ConcatExpr_i.o  ConcatExpr.is
as -o CompareExpr_m.o  CompareExpr.ms
as -o CompareExpr_i.o  CompareExpr.is
as -o CheckExpr_m.o  CheckExpr.ms
as -o CheckExpr_i.o  CheckExpr.is
as -o CastExpr_m.o  CastExpr.ms
as -o CastExpr_i.o  CastExpr.is
as -o CallExpr_m.o  CallExpr.ms
as -o CallExpr_i.o  CallExpr.is
as -o ArrayExpr_m.o  ArrayExpr.ms
as -o ArrayExpr_i.o  ArrayExpr.is
as -o AndExpr_m.o  AndExpr.ms
as -o AndExpr_i.o  AndExpr.is
as -o AddressExpr_m.o  AddressExpr.ms
as -o AddressExpr_i.o  AddressExpr.is
as -o AddExpr_m.o  AddExpr.ms
as -o AddExpr_i.o  AddExpr.is
as -o ExprRep_i.o  ExprRep.is
as -o Expr_m.o  Expr.ms
as -o Expr_i.o  Expr.is
as -o Textt_m.o  Textt.ms
as -o Textt_i.o  Textt.is
as -o Reff_m.o  Reff.ms
as -o Reff_i.o  Reff.is
as -o Reel_m.o  Reel.ms
as -o Reel_i.o  Reel.is
as -o ObjectRef_m.o  ObjectRef.ms
as -o ObjectRef_i.o  ObjectRef.is
as -o ObjectAdr_m.o  ObjectAdr.ms
as -o ObjectAdr_i.o  ObjectAdr.is
as -o Null_m.o  Null.ms
as -o Null_i.o  Null.is
as -o Mutex_m.o  Mutex.ms
as -o Mutex_i.o  Mutex.is
as -o LReel_m.o  LReel.ms
as -o LReel_i.o  LReel.is
as -o Int_m.o  Int.ms
as -o Int_i.o  Int.is
as -o ErrType_m.o  ErrType.ms
as -o ErrType_i.o  ErrType.is
as -o EReel_m.o  EReel.ms
as -o EReel_i.o  EReel.is
as -o Card_m.o  Card.ms
as -o Card_i.o  Card.is
as -o CChar_m.o  CChar.ms
as -o CChar_i.o  CChar.is
as -o BuiltinTypes_m.o  BuiltinTypes.ms
as -o BuiltinTypes_i.o  BuiltinTypes.is
as -o Bool_m.o  Bool.ms
as -o Bool_i.o  Bool.is
as -o Addr_m.o  Addr.ms
as -o Addr_i.o  Addr.is
as -o WordXor_m.o  WordXor.ms
as -o WordXor_i.o  WordXor.is
as -o WordTimes_m.o  WordTimes.ms
as -o WordTimes_i.o  WordTimes.is
as -o WordShift_m.o  WordShift.ms
as -o WordShift_i.o  WordShift.is
as -o WordRotate_m.o  WordRotate.ms
as -o WordRotate_i.o  WordRotate.is
as -o WordPlus_m.o  WordPlus.ms
as -o WordPlus_i.o  WordPlus.is
as -o WordOr_m.o  WordOr.ms
as -o WordOr_i.o  WordOr.is
as -o WordNot_m.o  WordNot.ms
as -o WordNot_i.o  WordNot.is
as -o WordModule_m.o  WordModule.ms
as -o WordModule_i.o  WordModule.is
as -o WordMod_m.o  WordMod.ms
as -o WordMod_i.o  WordMod.is
as -o WordMinus_m.o  WordMinus.ms
as -o WordMinus_i.o  WordMinus.is
as -o WordLT_m.o  WordLT.ms
as -o WordLT_i.o  WordLT.is
as -o WordLE_m.o  WordLE.ms
as -o WordLE_i.o  WordLE.is
as -o WordInsert_m.o  WordInsert.ms
as -o WordInsert_i.o  WordInsert.is
as -o WordGT_m.o  WordGT.ms
as -o WordGT_i.o  WordGT.is
as -o WordGE_m.o  WordGE.ms
as -o WordGE_i.o  WordGE.is
as -o WordExtract_m.o  WordExtract.ms
as -o WordExtract_i.o  WordExtract.is
as -o WordDivide_m.o  WordDivide.ms
as -o WordDivide_i.o  WordDivide.is
as -o WordAnd_m.o  WordAnd.ms
as -o WordAnd_i.o  WordAnd.is
as -o Val_m.o  Val.ms
as -o Val_i.o  Val.is
as -o Typecode_m.o  Typecode.ms
as -o Typecode_i.o  Typecode.is
as -o Trunc_m.o  Trunc.ms
as -o Trunc_i.o  Trunc.is
as -o Subarray_m.o  Subarray.ms
as -o Subarray_i.o  Subarray.is
as -o Round_m.o  Round.ms
as -o Round_i.o  Round.is
as -o Ord_m.o  Ord.ms
as -o Ord_i.o  Ord.is
as -o Number_m.o  Number.ms
as -o Number_i.o  Number.is
as -o New_m.o  New.ms
as -o New_i.o  New.is
as -o Narrow_m.o  Narrow.ms
as -o Narrow_i.o  Narrow.is
as -o Min_m.o  Min.ms
as -o Min_i.o  Min.is
as -o Max_m.o  Max.ms
as -o Max_i.o  Max.is
as -o Loophole_m.o  Loophole.ms
as -o Loophole_i.o  Loophole.is
as -o Last_m.o  Last.ms
as -o Last_i.o  Last.is
as -o IsType_m.o  IsType.ms
as -o IsType_i.o  IsType.is
as -o Inc_m.o  Inc.ms
as -o Inc_i.o  Inc.is
as -o Floor_m.o  Floor.ms
as -o Floor_i.o  Floor.is
as -o Floatt_m.o  Floatt.ms
as -o Floatt_i.o  Floatt.is
as -o First_m.o  First.ms
as -o First_i.o  First.is
as -o Dispose_m.o  Dispose.ms
as -o Dispose_i.o  Dispose.is
as -o Dec_m.o  Dec.ms
as -o Dec_i.o  Dec.is
as -o Ceiling_m.o  Ceiling.ms
as -o Ceiling_i.o  Ceiling.is
as -o ByteSize_m.o  ByteSize.ms
as -o ByteSize_i.o  ByteSize.is
as -o BuiltinOps_m.o  BuiltinOps.ms
as -o BuiltinOps_i.o  BuiltinOps.is
as -o BitSize_m.o  BitSize.ms
as -o BitSize_i.o  BitSize.is
as -o AdrSize_m.o  AdrSize.ms
as -o AdrSize_i.o  AdrSize.is
as -o Adr_m.o  Adr.ms
as -o Adr_i.o  Adr.is
as -o Abs_m.o  Abs.ms
as -o Abs_i.o  Abs.is
ar rv libm3front.a Variable_m.o Variable_i.o Tipe_m.o Tipe_i.o Revelation_m.o Revelation_i.o Procedure_m.o Procedure_i.o Module_m.o Module_i.o Method_m.o Method_i.o Ident_m.o Ident_i.o Formal_m.o Formal_i.o Field_m.o Field_i.o External_m.o External_i.o Exceptionz_m.o Exceptionz_i.o EnumElt_m.o EnumElt_i.o Decl_m.o Decl_i.o Constant_m.o Constant_i.o ValueRep_i.o Value_m.o Value_i.o UserProc_m.o UserProc_i.o TypeTbl_m.o TypeTbl_i.o TypeFP_m.o TypeFP_i.o SubrangeType_m.o SubrangeType_i.o SetType_m.o SetType_i.o RefType_m.o RefType_i.o RecordType_m.o RecordType_i.o ProcType_m.o ProcType_i.o PackedType_m.o PackedType_i.o OpenArrayType_m.o OpenArrayType_i.o OpaqueType_m.o OpaqueType_i.o ObjectType_m.o ObjectType_i.o NamedType_m.o NamedType_i.o EnumType_m.o EnumType_i.o ArrayType_m.o ArrayType_i.o TypeRep_i.o Type_m.o Type_i.o WithStmt_m.o WithStmt_i.o WhileStmt_m.o WhileStmt_i.o TypeCaseStmt_m.o TypeCaseStmt_i.o TryStmt_m.o TryStmt_i.o TryFinStmt_m.o TryFinStmt_i.o ReturnStmt_m.o ReturnStmt_i.o RepeatStmt_m.o RepeatStmt_i.o RaiseStmt_m.o RaiseStmt_i.o LoopStmt_m.o LoopStmt_i.o LockStmt_m.o LockStmt_i.o IfStmt_m.o IfStmt_i.o ForStmt_m.o ForStmt_i.o ExitStmt_m.o ExitStmt_i.o EvalStmt_m.o EvalStmt_i.o CaseStmt_m.o CaseStmt_i.o CallStmt_m.o CallStmt_i.o BlockStmt_m.o BlockStmt_i.o AssignStmt_m.o AssignStmt_i.o AssertStmt_m.o AssertStmt_i.o StmtRep_i.o Stmt_m.o Stmt_i.o WebInfo_m.o WebInfo_i.o Tracer_m.o Tracer_i.o TipeDesc_m.o TipeDesc_i.o TipeMap_m.o TipeMap_i.o Runtime_m.o Runtime_i.o CG_m.o CG_i.o ProcBody_m.o ProcBody_i.o ESet_m.o ESet_i.o Coverage_m.o Coverage_i.o Scope_m.o Scope_i.o Scanner_m.o Scanner_i.o Marker_m.o Marker_i.o Host_m.o Host_i.o Error_m.o Error_i.o Token_m.o Token_i.o M3String_m.o M3String_i.o M3Header_m.o M3Header_i.o M3_m.o M3_i.o M3Compiler_m.o M3Compiler_i.o VarExpr_m.o VarExpr_i.o TypeExpr_m.o TypeExpr_i.o TextExpr_m.o TextExpr_i.o SubtractExpr_m.o SubtractExpr_i.o SubscriptExpr_m.o SubscriptExpr_i.o SetExpr_m.o SetExpr_i.o ReelExpr_m.o ReelExpr_i.o RecordExpr_m.o RecordExpr_i.o RangeExpr_m.o RangeExpr_i.o QualifyExpr_m.o QualifyExpr_i.o ProcExpr_m.o ProcExpr_i.o PlusExpr_m.o PlusExpr_i.o OrExpr_m.o OrExpr_i.o NotExpr_m.o NotExpr_i.o NilChkExpr_m.o NilChkExpr_i.o NegateExpr_m.o NegateExpr_i.o NamedExpr_m.o NamedExpr_i.o MultiplyExpr_m.o MultiplyExpr_i.o ModExpr_m.o ModExpr_i.o MethodExpr_m.o MethodExpr_i.o KeywordExpr_m.o KeywordExpr_i.o IntegerExpr_m.o IntegerExpr_i.o InExpr_m.o InExpr_i.o ExprParse_m.o ExprParse_i.o EqualExpr_m.o EqualExpr_i.o EnumExpr_m.o EnumExpr_i.o DivideExpr_m.o DivideExpr_i.o DivExpr_m.o DivExpr_i.o DerefExpr_m.o DerefExpr_i.o ConsExpr_m.o ConsExpr_i.o ConcatExpr_m.o ConcatExpr_i.o CompareExpr_m.o CompareExpr_i.o CheckExpr_m.o CheckExpr_i.o CastExpr_m.o CastExpr_i.o CallExpr_m.o CallExpr_i.o ArrayExpr_m.o ArrayExpr_i.o AndExpr_m.o AndExpr_i.o AddressExpr_m.o AddressExpr_i.o AddExpr_m.o AddExpr_i.o ExprRep_i.o Expr_m.o Expr_i.o Textt_m.o Textt_i.o Reff_m.o Reff_i.o Reel_m.o Reel_i.o ObjectRef_m.o ObjectRef_i.o ObjectAdr_m.o ObjectAdr_i.o Null_m.o Null_i.o Mutex_m.o Mutex_i.o LReel_m.o LReel_i.o Int_m.o Int_i.o ErrType_m.o ErrType_i.o EReel_m.o EReel_i.o Card_m.o Card_i.o CChar_m.o CChar_i.o BuiltinTypes_m.o BuiltinTypes_i.o Bool_m.o Bool_i.o Addr_m.o Addr_i.o WordXor_m.o WordXor_i.o WordTimes_m.o WordTimes_i.o WordShift_m.o WordShift_i.o WordRotate_m.o WordRotate_i.o WordPlus_m.o WordPlus_i.o WordOr_m.o WordOr_i.o WordNot_m.o WordNot_i.o WordModule_m.o WordModule_i.o WordMod_m.o WordMod_i.o WordMinus_m.o WordMinus_i.o WordLT_m.o WordLT_i.o WordLE_m.o WordLE_i.o WordInsert_m.o WordInsert_i.o WordGT_m.o WordGT_i.o WordGE_m.o WordGE_i.o WordExtract_m.o WordExtract_i.o WordDivide_m.o WordDivide_i.o WordAnd_m.o WordAnd_i.o Val_m.o Val_i.o Typecode_m.o Typecode_i.o Trunc_m.o Trunc_i.o Subarray_m.o Subarray_i.o Round_m.o Round_i.o Ord_m.o Ord_i.o Number_m.o Number_i.o New_m.o New_i.o Narrow_m.o Narrow_i.o Min_m.o Min_i.o Max_m.o Max_i.o Loophole_m.o Loophole_i.o Last_m.o Last_i.o IsType_m.o IsType_i.o Inc_m.o Inc_i.o Floor_m.o Floor_i.o Floatt_m.o Floatt_i.o First_m.o First_i.o Dispose_m.o Dispose_i.o Dec_m.o Dec_i.o Ceiling_m.o Ceiling_i.o ByteSize_m.o ByteSize_i.o BuiltinOps_m.o BuiltinOps_i.o BitSize_m.o BitSize_i.o AdrSize_m.o AdrSize_i.o Adr_m.o Adr_i.o Abs_m.o Abs_i.o
ar: creating libm3front.a
a - Variable_m.o
a - Variable_i.o
a - Tipe_m.o
a - Tipe_i.o
a - Revelation_m.o
a - Revelation_i.o
a - Procedure_m.o
a - Procedure_i.o
a - Module_m.o
a - Module_i.o
a - Method_m.o
a - Method_i.o
a - Ident_m.o
a - Ident_i.o
a - Formal_m.o
a - Formal_i.o
a - Field_m.o
a - Field_i.o
a - External_m.o
a - External_i.o
a - Exceptionz_m.o
a - Exceptionz_i.o
a - EnumElt_m.o
a - EnumElt_i.o
a - Decl_m.o
a - Decl_i.o
a - Constant_m.o
a - Constant_i.o
a - ValueRep_i.o
a - Value_m.o
a - Value_i.o
a - UserProc_m.o
a - UserProc_i.o
a - TypeTbl_m.o
a - TypeTbl_i.o
a - TypeFP_m.o
a - TypeFP_i.o
a - SubrangeType_m.o
a - SubrangeType_i.o
a - SetType_m.o
a - SetType_i.o
a - RefType_m.o
a - RefType_i.o
a - RecordType_m.o
a - RecordType_i.o
a - ProcType_m.o
a - ProcType_i.o
a - PackedType_m.o
a - PackedType_i.o
a - OpenArrayType_m.o
a - OpenArrayType_i.o
a - OpaqueType_m.o
a - OpaqueType_i.o
a - ObjectType_m.o
a - ObjectType_i.o
a - NamedType_m.o
a - NamedType_i.o
a - EnumType_m.o
a - EnumType_i.o
a - ArrayType_m.o
a - ArrayType_i.o
a - TypeRep_i.o
a - Type_m.o
a - Type_i.o
a - WithStmt_m.o
a - WithStmt_i.o
a - WhileStmt_m.o
a - WhileStmt_i.o
a - TypeCaseStmt_m.o
a - TypeCaseStmt_i.o
a - TryStmt_m.o
a - TryStmt_i.o
a - TryFinStmt_m.o
a - TryFinStmt_i.o
a - ReturnStmt_m.o
a - ReturnStmt_i.o
a - RepeatStmt_m.o
a - RepeatStmt_i.o
a - RaiseStmt_m.o
a - RaiseStmt_i.o
a - LoopStmt_m.o
a - LoopStmt_i.o
a - LockStmt_m.o
a - LockStmt_i.o
a - IfStmt_m.o
a - IfStmt_i.o
a - ForStmt_m.o
a - ForStmt_i.o
a - ExitStmt_m.o
a - ExitStmt_i.o
a - EvalStmt_m.o
a - EvalStmt_i.o
a - CaseStmt_m.o
a - CaseStmt_i.o
a - CallStmt_m.o
a - CallStmt_i.o
a - BlockStmt_m.o
a - BlockStmt_i.o
a - AssignStmt_m.o
a - AssignStmt_i.o
a - AssertStmt_m.o
a - AssertStmt_i.o
a - StmtRep_i.o
a - Stmt_m.o
a - Stmt_i.o
a - WebInfo_m.o
a - WebInfo_i.o
a - Tracer_m.o
a - Tracer_i.o
a - TipeDesc_m.o
a - TipeDesc_i.o
a - TipeMap_m.o
a - TipeMap_i.o
a - Runtime_m.o
a - Runtime_i.o
a - CG_m.o
a - CG_i.o
a - ProcBody_m.o
a - ProcBody_i.o
a - ESet_m.o
a - ESet_i.o
a - Coverage_m.o
a - Coverage_i.o
a - Scope_m.o
a - Scope_i.o
a - Scanner_m.o
a - Scanner_i.o
a - Marker_m.o
a - Marker_i.o
a - Host_m.o
a - Host_i.o
a - Error_m.o
a - Error_i.o
a - Token_m.o
a - Token_i.o
a - M3String_m.o
a - M3String_i.o
a - M3Header_m.o
a - M3Header_i.o
a - M3_m.o
a - M3_i.o
a - M3Compiler_m.o
a - M3Compiler_i.o
a - VarExpr_m.o
a - VarExpr_i.o
a - TypeExpr_m.o
a - TypeExpr_i.o
a - TextExpr_m.o
a - TextExpr_i.o
a - SubtractExpr_m.o
a - SubtractExpr_i.o
a - SubscriptExpr_m.o
a - SubscriptExpr_i.o
a - SetExpr_m.o
a - SetExpr_i.o
a - ReelExpr_m.o
a - ReelExpr_i.o
a - RecordExpr_m.o
a - RecordExpr_i.o
a - RangeExpr_m.o
a - RangeExpr_i.o
a - QualifyExpr_m.o
a - QualifyExpr_i.o
a - ProcExpr_m.o
a - ProcExpr_i.o
a - PlusExpr_m.o
a - PlusExpr_i.o
a - OrExpr_m.o
a - OrExpr_i.o
a - NotExpr_m.o
a - NotExpr_i.o
a - NilChkExpr_m.o
a - NilChkExpr_i.o
a - NegateExpr_m.o
a - NegateExpr_i.o
a - NamedExpr_m.o
a - NamedExpr_i.o
a - MultiplyExpr_m.o
a - MultiplyExpr_i.o
a - ModExpr_m.o
a - ModExpr_i.o
a - MethodExpr_m.o
a - MethodExpr_i.o
a - KeywordExpr_m.o
a - KeywordExpr_i.o
a - IntegerExpr_m.o
a - IntegerExpr_i.o
a - InExpr_m.o
a - InExpr_i.o
a - ExprParse_m.o
a - ExprParse_i.o
a - EqualExpr_m.o
a - EqualExpr_i.o
a - EnumExpr_m.o
a - EnumExpr_i.o
a - DivideExpr_m.o
a - DivideExpr_i.o
a - DivExpr_m.o
a - DivExpr_i.o
a - DerefExpr_m.o
a - DerefExpr_i.o
a - ConsExpr_m.o
a - ConsExpr_i.o
a - ConcatExpr_m.o
a - ConcatExpr_i.o
a - CompareExpr_m.o
a - CompareExpr_i.o
a - CheckExpr_m.o
a - CheckExpr_i.o
a - CastExpr_m.o
a - CastExpr_i.o
a - CallExpr_m.o
a - CallExpr_i.o
a - ArrayExpr_m.o
a - ArrayExpr_i.o
a - AndExpr_m.o
a - AndExpr_i.o
a - AddressExpr_m.o
a - AddressExpr_i.o
a - AddExpr_m.o
a - AddExpr_i.o
a - ExprRep_i.o
a - Expr_m.o
a - Expr_i.o
a - Textt_m.o
a - Textt_i.o
a - Reff_m.o
a - Reff_i.o
a - Reel_m.o
a - Reel_i.o
a - ObjectRef_m.o
a - ObjectRef_i.o
a - ObjectAdr_m.o
a - ObjectAdr_i.o
a - Null_m.o
a - Null_i.o
a - Mutex_m.o
a - Mutex_i.o
a - LReel_m.o
a - LReel_i.o
a - Int_m.o
a - Int_i.o
a - ErrType_m.o
a - ErrType_i.o
a - EReel_m.o
a - EReel_i.o
a - Card_m.o
a - Card_i.o
a - CChar_m.o
a - CChar_i.o
a - BuiltinTypes_m.o
a - BuiltinTypes_i.o
a - Bool_m.o
a - Bool_i.o
a - Addr_m.o
a - Addr_i.o
a - WordXor_m.o
a - WordXor_i.o
a - WordTimes_m.o
a - WordTimes_i.o
a - WordShift_m.o
a - WordShift_i.o
a - WordRotate_m.o
a - WordRotate_i.o
a - WordPlus_m.o
a - WordPlus_i.o
a - WordOr_m.o
a - WordOr_i.o
a - WordNot_m.o
a - WordNot_i.o
a - WordModule_m.o
a - WordModule_i.o
a - WordMod_m.o
a - WordMod_i.o
a - WordMinus_m.o
a - WordMinus_i.o
a - WordLT_m.o
a - WordLT_i.o
a - WordLE_m.o
a - WordLE_i.o
a - WordInsert_m.o
a - WordInsert_i.o
a - WordGT_m.o
a - WordGT_i.o
a - WordGE_m.o
a - WordGE_i.o
a - WordExtract_m.o
a - WordExtract_i.o
a - WordDivide_m.o
a - WordDivide_i.o
a - WordAnd_m.o
a - WordAnd_i.o
a - Val_m.o
a - Val_i.o
a - Typecode_m.o
a - Typecode_i.o
a - Trunc_m.o
a - Trunc_i.o
a - Subarray_m.o
a - Subarray_i.o
a - Round_m.o
a - Round_i.o
a - Ord_m.o
a - Ord_i.o
a - Number_m.o
a - Number_i.o
a - New_m.o
a - New_i.o
a - Narrow_m.o
a - Narrow_i.o
a - Min_m.o
a - Min_i.o
a - Max_m.o
a - Max_i.o
a - Loophole_m.o
a - Loophole_i.o
a - Last_m.o
a - Last_i.o
a - IsType_m.o
a - IsType_i.o
a - Inc_m.o
a - Inc_i.o
a - Floor_m.o
a - Floor_i.o
a - Floatt_m.o
a - Floatt_i.o
a - First_m.o
a - First_i.o
a - Dispose_m.o
a - Dispose_i.o
a - Dec_m.o
a - Dec_i.o
a - Ceiling_m.o
a - Ceiling_i.o
a - ByteSize_m.o
a - ByteSize_i.o
a - BuiltinOps_m.o
a - BuiltinOps_i.o
a - BitSize_m.o
a - BitSize_i.o
a - AdrSize_m.o
a - AdrSize_i.o
a - Adr_m.o
a - Adr_i.o
a - Abs_m.o
a - Abs_i.o
touch libm3front.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3front/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3linker/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3linker/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o MxIO_m.o  MxIO.ms
as -o MxIO_i.o  MxIO.is
as -o MxVSSet_m.o  MxVSSet.ms
as -o MxVSSet_i.o  MxVSSet.is
as -o MxSet_m.o  MxSet.ms
as -o MxSet_i.o  MxSet.is
as -o MxMap_m.o  MxMap.ms
as -o MxMap_i.o  MxMap.is
as -o MxRep_m.o  MxRep.ms
as -o MxRep_i.o  MxRep.is
as -o MxVS_m.o  MxVS.ms
as -o MxVS_i.o  MxVS.is
as -o MxGenCG_m.o  MxGenCG.ms
as -o MxGenCG_i.o  MxGenCG.is
as -o MxGenC_m.o  MxGenC.ms
as -o MxGenC_i.o  MxGenC.is
as -o MxGenRep_m.o  MxGenRep.ms
as -o MxGenRep_i.o  MxGenRep.is
as -o MxGen_i.o  MxGen.is
as -o MxCheck_m.o  MxCheck.ms
as -o MxCheck_i.o  MxCheck.is
as -o MxMerge_m.o  MxMerge.ms
as -o MxMerge_i.o  MxMerge.is
as -o MxOut_m.o  MxOut.ms
as -o MxOut_i.o  MxOut.is
as -o MxIn_m.o  MxIn.ms
as -o MxIn_i.o  MxIn.is
as -o Mx_m.o  Mx.ms
as -o Mx_i.o  Mx.is
ar rv libm3link.a MxIO_m.o MxIO_i.o MxVSSet_m.o MxVSSet_i.o MxSet_m.o MxSet_i.o MxMap_m.o MxMap_i.o MxRep_m.o MxRep_i.o MxVS_m.o MxVS_i.o MxGenCG_m.o MxGenCG_i.o MxGenC_m.o MxGenC_i.o MxGenRep_m.o MxGenRep_i.o MxGen_i.o MxCheck_m.o MxCheck_i.o MxMerge_m.o MxMerge_i.o MxOut_m.o MxOut_i.o MxIn_m.o MxIn_i.o Mx_m.o Mx_i.o
ar: creating libm3link.a
a - MxIO_m.o
a - MxIO_i.o
a - MxVSSet_m.o
a - MxVSSet_i.o
a - MxSet_m.o
a - MxSet_i.o
a - MxMap_m.o
a - MxMap_i.o
a - MxRep_m.o
a - MxRep_i.o
a - MxVS_m.o
a - MxVS_i.o
a - MxGenCG_m.o
a - MxGenCG_i.o
a - MxGenC_m.o
a - MxGenC_i.o
a - MxGenRep_m.o
a - MxGenRep_i.o
a - MxGen_i.o
a - MxCheck_m.o
a - MxCheck_i.o
a - MxMerge_m.o
a - MxMerge_i.o
a - MxOut_m.o
a - MxOut_i.o
a - MxIn_m.o
a - MxIn_i.o
a - Mx_m.o
a - Mx_i.o
touch libm3link.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3linker/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3driver/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3driver/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o M3Driver_m.o  M3Driver.ms
as -o M3Driver_i.o  M3Driver.is
as -o LibSeq_m.o  LibSeq.ms
as -o LibSeqRep_i.o  LibSeqRep.is
as -o LibSeq_i.o  LibSeq.is
as -o Lib_m.o  Lib.ms
as -o Lib_i.o  Lib.is
as -o M3DriverRep_i.o  M3DriverRep.is
as -o WebFile_m.o  WebFile.ms
as -o WebFile_i.o  WebFile.is
as -o Utils_m.o  Utils.ms
as -o Utils_i.o  Utils.is
as -o Unit_m.o  Unit.ms
as -o Unit_i.o  Unit.is
as -o M3Path_m.o  M3Path.ms
as -o M3Path_i.o  M3Path.is
as -o Msg_m.o  Msg.ms
as -o Msg_i.o  Msg.is
as -o Arg_m.o  Arg.ms
as -o Arg_i.o  Arg.is
as -o M3BackPosix_m.o  M3BackPosix.ms
as -o M3Backend_i.o  M3Backend.is
ar rv libm3driver.a M3Driver_m.o M3Driver_i.o LibSeq_m.o LibSeqRep_i.o LibSeq_i.o Lib_m.o Lib_i.o M3DriverRep_i.o WebFile_m.o WebFile_i.o Utils_m.o Utils_i.o Unit_m.o Unit_i.o M3Path_m.o M3Path_i.o Msg_m.o Msg_i.o Arg_m.o Arg_i.o M3BackPosix_m.o M3Backend_i.o
ar: creating libm3driver.a
a - M3Driver_m.o
a - M3Driver_i.o
a - LibSeq_m.o
a - LibSeqRep_i.o
a - LibSeq_i.o
a - Lib_m.o
a - Lib_i.o
a - M3DriverRep_i.o
a - WebFile_m.o
a - WebFile_i.o
a - Utils_m.o
a - Utils_i.o
a - Unit_m.o
a - Unit_i.o
a - M3Path_m.o
a - M3Path_i.o
a - Msg_m.o
a - Msg_i.o
a - Arg_m.o
a - Arg_i.o
a - M3BackPosix_m.o
a - M3Backend_i.o
touch libm3driver.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3driver/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3quake/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3quake/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o QVal_m.o  QVal.ms
as -o QVal_i.o  QVal.is
as -o QMachine_m.o  QMachine.ms
as -o QMachine_i.o  QMachine.is
as -o QMachRep_i.o  QMachRep.is
as -o QVSeq_m.o  QVSeq.ms
as -o QVSeqRep_i.o  QVSeqRep.is
as -o QVSeq_i.o  QVSeq.is
as -o QVTbl_m.o  QVTbl.ms
as -o QVTbl_i.o  QVTbl.is
as -o QValue_m.o  QValue.ms
as -o QValue_i.o  QValue.is
as -o QCompiler_m.o  QCompiler.ms
as -o QCompiler_i.o  QCompiler.is
as -o QCode_m.o  QCode.ms
as -o QCode_i.o  QCode.is
as -o QScanner_m.o  QScanner.ms
as -o QScanner_i.o  QScanner.is
as -o QToken_m.o  QToken.ms
as -o QToken_i.o  QToken.is
as -o Quake_m.o  Quake.ms
as -o Quake_i.o  Quake.is
ar rv libm3quake.a QVal_m.o QVal_i.o QMachine_m.o QMachine_i.o QMachRep_i.o QVSeq_m.o QVSeqRep_i.o QVSeq_i.o QVTbl_m.o QVTbl_i.o QValue_m.o QValue_i.o QCompiler_m.o QCompiler_i.o QCode_m.o QCode_i.o QScanner_m.o QScanner_i.o QToken_m.o QToken_i.o Quake_m.o Quake_i.o
ar: creating libm3quake.a
a - QVal_m.o
a - QVal_i.o
a - QMachine_m.o
a - QMachine_i.o
a - QMachRep_i.o
a - QVSeq_m.o
a - QVSeqRep_i.o
a - QVSeq_i.o
a - QVTbl_m.o
a - QVTbl_i.o
a - QValue_m.o
a - QValue_i.o
a - QCompiler_m.o
a - QCompiler_i.o
a - QCode_m.o
a - QCode_i.o
a - QScanner_m.o
a - QScanner_i.o
a - QToken_m.o
a - QToken_i.o
a - Quake_m.o
a - Quake_i.o
touch libm3quake.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3quake/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3templates/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3templates/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o BldWin32_m.o  BldWin32.ms
as -o BldWin32_i.o  BldWin32.is
as -o BldPosix_m.o  BldPosix.ms
as -o BldPosix_i.o  BldPosix.is
as -o BldHooks_m.o  BldHooks.ms
as -o BldHooks_i.o  BldHooks.is
as -o BldFace_m.o  BldFace.ms
as -o BldFace_i.o  BldFace.is
as -o BldQuake_m.o  BldQuake.ms
as -o BldQuake_i.o  BldQuake.is
as -o BldQRep_i.o  BldQRep.is
as -o IntMapTbl_m.o  IntMapTbl.ms
as -o IntMapTbl_i.o  IntMapTbl.is
as -o IntM3LibsTbl_m.o  IntM3LibsTbl.ms
as -o IntM3LibsTbl_i.o  IntM3LibsTbl.is
as -o M3Libs_i.o  M3Libs.is
as -o TextLocTbl_m.o  TextLocTbl.ms
as -o TextLocTbl_i.o  TextLocTbl.is
as -o Location_i.o  Location.is
ar rv libm3templates.a BldWin32_m.o BldWin32_i.o BldPosix_m.o BldPosix_i.o BldHooks_m.o BldHooks_i.o BldFace_m.o BldFace_i.o BldQuake_m.o BldQuake_i.o BldQRep_i.o IntMapTbl_m.o IntMapTbl_i.o IntM3LibsTbl_m.o IntM3LibsTbl_i.o M3Libs_i.o TextLocTbl_m.o TextLocTbl_i.o Location_i.o
ar: creating libm3templates.a
a - BldWin32_m.o
a - BldWin32_i.o
a - BldPosix_m.o
a - BldPosix_i.o
a - BldHooks_m.o
a - BldHooks_i.o
a - BldFace_m.o
a - BldFace_i.o
a - BldQuake_m.o
a - BldQuake_i.o
a - BldQRep_i.o
a - IntMapTbl_m.o
a - IntMapTbl_i.o
a - IntM3LibsTbl_m.o
a - IntM3LibsTbl_i.o
a - M3Libs_i.o
a - TextLocTbl_m.o
a - TextLocTbl_i.o
a - Location_i.o
touch libm3templates.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3templates/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3config/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3config/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o M3Config_i.o  M3Config.is
ar rv libm3config.a M3Config_i.o
ar: creating libm3config.a
a - M3Config_i.o
touch libm3config.a
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3config/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3build/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3build/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o Main_m.o  Main.ms
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o _m3main.o _m3main.c
cc  -o m3build Main_m.o _m3main.o ../../m3config/FBSD_AMD64/libm3config.a ../../m3templates/FBSD_AMD64/libm3templates.a ../../m3driver/FBSD_AMD64/libm3driver.a ../../m3linker/FBSD_AMD64/libm3link.a ../../m3front/FBSD_AMD64/libm3front.a ../../m3quake/FBSD_AMD64/libm3quake.a ../../m3middle/FBSD_AMD64/libm3middle.a ../../libm3/FBSD_AMD64/libm3.a ../../m3core/FBSD_AMD64/libm3core.a  -lm
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3build/FBSD_AMD64'
cd boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3ship/FBSD_AMD64; gmake -f make.boot "CC=cc" "CFLAGS=-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O" "AS=as" "ASFLAGS=" "AR=ar" "ARFLAGS=rv" "RANLIB=touch" "EXTRALIBS=-lm" "LDFLAGS="
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3ship/FBSD_AMD64'
as -o Main_m.o  Main.ms
cc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O   -c -o _m3main.o _m3main.c
cc  -o m3ship Main_m.o _m3main.o ../../m3config/FBSD_AMD64/libm3config.a ../../m3templates/FBSD_AMD64/libm3templates.a ../../m3driver/FBSD_AMD64/libm3driver.a ../../m3linker/FBSD_AMD64/libm3link.a ../../m3front/FBSD_AMD64/libm3front.a ../../m3quake/FBSD_AMD64/libm3quake.a ../../m3middle/FBSD_AMD64/libm3middle.a ../../libm3/FBSD_AMD64/libm3.a ../../m3core/FBSD_AMD64/libm3core.a  -lm
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3ship/FBSD_AMD64'
boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3build/FBSD_AMD64/m3build -T ../m3config/src -DBOOTSTRAP=TRUE -DBUILD_ALL -DSHIP_ALL
mkdir FBSD_AMD64
--- building in FBSD_AMD64 ---

---------- building m3cc in language/modula3/m3compiler ----------

/magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/src/../boot-FBSD_AMD64/m3build/FBSD_AMD64/m3build -T /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/src/../m3config/src -F /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/src/../FBSD_AMD64/config.tmpl
Created "Makefile" in /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/language/modula3/m3compiler/m3cc/FBSD_AMD64
Configuring libiberty...
creating cache ../config.cache
checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... no
checking for makeinfo... makeinfo
checking for perl... no
checking host system type... x86_64-unknown-freebsd5
checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-freebsd5
checking for ar... ar
checking for ranlib... ranlib
checking for gcc... gcc
checking whether we are using GNU C... yes
checking whether gcc accepts -g... yes
checking for POSIXized ISC... no
checking for working const... yes
checking for inline... inline
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -E
checking for sys/file.h... yes
checking for sys/param.h... yes
checking for limits.h... yes
checking for stdlib.h... yes
checking for string.h... yes
checking for unistd.h... yes
checking for strings.h... yes
checking for sys/time.h... yes
checking for time.h... yes
checking for sys/resource.h... yes
checking for sys/stat.h... yes
checking for sys/mman.h... yes
checking for fcntl.h... yes
checking for alloca.h... no
checking for sys/wait.h that is POSIX.1 compatible... yes
checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be included... yes
checking whether errno must be declared... no
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking for uintptr_t... yes
checking whether the C compiler (gcc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O ) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (gcc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O ) is a cross-compiler... no
checking for asprintf... yes
checking for atexit... yes
checking for basename... yes
checking for bcmp... yes
checking for bcopy... yes
checking for bsearch... yes
checking for bzero... yes
checking for calloc... yes
checking for clock... yes
checking for ffs... yes
checking for getcwd... yes
checking for getpagesize... yes
checking for index... yes
checking for insque... yes
checking for memchr... yes
checking for memcmp... yes
checking for memcpy... yes
checking for memmove... yes
checking for memset... yes
checking for mkstemps... yes
checking for putenv... yes
checking for random... yes
checking for rename... yes
checking for rindex... yes
checking for setenv... yes
checking for sigsetmask... yes
checking for strcasecmp... yes
checking for strchr... yes
checking for strdup... yes
checking for strncasecmp... yes
checking for strrchr... yes
checking for strstr... yes
checking for strtod... yes
checking for strtol... yes
checking for strtoul... yes
checking for tmpnam... yes
checking for vasprintf... yes
checking for vfprintf... yes
checking for vprintf... yes
checking for vsprintf... yes
checking for waitpid... yes
checking whether alloca needs Cray hooks... no
checking stack direction for C alloca... -1
checking for pid_t... yes
checking for vfork.h... no
checking for working vfork... yes
checking for _doprnt... no
checking for sys_errlist... yes
checking for sys_nerr... yes
checking for sys_siglist... yes
checking for getrusage... yes
checking for on_exit... no
checking for psignal... yes
checking for strerror... yes
checking for strsignal... yes
checking for sysconf... yes
checking for times... yes
checking for sbrk... yes
checking for gettimeofday... yes
checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
checking for getpagesize... (cached) yes
checking for working mmap... yes
checking for working strncmp... yes
updating cache ../config.cache
creating ./config.status
creating Makefile
creating testsuite/Makefile
creating config.h
Configuring gcc...
loading cache ../config.cache
checking LIBRARY_PATH variable... ok
checking GCC_EXEC_PREFIX variable... ok
checking host system type... x86_64-unknown-freebsd5
checking target system type... x86_64-unknown-freebsd5
checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-freebsd5
checking for gcc... (cached) gcc
checking whether the C compiler (gcc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O ) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (gcc -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe  -O ) is a cross-compiler... no
checking whether we are using GNU C... (cached) yes
checking whether gcc accepts -g... (cached) yes
checking whether gcc and cc understand -c and -o together... yes
checking for gnatbind... no
checking for compiler driver that understands Ada... no
checking whether gcc accepts -Wno-long-long... yes
checking how to run the C preprocessor... (cached) gcc -E
checking for inline... (cached) inline
checking for volatile... yes
checking for long double... yes
checking for long long int... yes
checking for __int64... no
checking for built-in _Bool... yes
checking size of short... 2
checking size of int... 4
checking size of long... 8
checking size of long long... 8
checking execution character set... ASCII
checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... yes
checking whether a default assembler was specified... no
checking whether a default linker was specified... no
checking for GNU C library... no
checking for mawk... no
checking for gawk... no
checking for nawk... nawk
checking whether ln works... yes
checking whether ln -s works... yes
checking for ranlib... (cached) ranlib
checking for a BSD compatible install... (cached) /usr/bin/install -c
checking for ANSI C header files... (cached) yes
checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be included... (cached) yes
checking for working stdbool.h... yes
checking whether string.h and strings.h may both be included... yes
checking for sys/wait.h that is POSIX.1 compatible... (cached) yes
checking for limits.h... (cached) yes
checking for stddef.h... yes
checking for string.h... (cached) yes
checking for strings.h... (cached) yes
checking for stdlib.h... (cached) yes
checking for time.h... (cached) yes
checking for fcntl.h... (cached) yes
checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
checking for sys/file.h... (cached) yes
checking for sys/time.h... (cached) yes
checking for sys/resource.h... (cached) yes
checking for sys/param.h... (cached) yes
checking for sys/times.h... yes
checking for sys/stat.h... (cached) yes
checking for direct.h... no
checking for malloc.h... no
checking for langinfo.h... yes
checking for thread.h... no
checking for pthread.h... yes
checking for CHAR_BIT... yes
checking byte ordering... od: conftest.o: Bad file descriptor
configure: error: *** unable to determine endianness
Configure in /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/language/modula3/m3compiler/m3cc/FBSD_AMD64/gcc failed, exiting.
mkdir FBSD_AMD64
--- building in FBSD_AMD64 ---

m3build: quake error: quake error: runtime error: Failed to configure m3cc

--procedure--  -line-  -file---
error              --  
                   78  /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/language/modula3/m3compiler/m3cc/src/m3makefile

m3build: quake error: quake error: runtime error: m3build failed with error code: 1

--procedure--  -line-  -file---
error              --  
BuildChunk        164  /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/src/m3makefile
PkgInfo           240  /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/src/m3makefile
                   31  /magus/work/usr/mports/lang/ezm3/work/ezm3-1.1/src/PACKAGES

gmake: *** [packages] Error 1
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/mports/lang/ezm3.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/mports/lang/ezm3.