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Add note about echo in plists.

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 <p>No pkg-install or pkg-deinstall script should expect to run in an interactive envirement.  They should not prompt the user or expect input from the user.</p>
+<h2>Plist and Echo</h2>
+<p>Don't expect to be able to echo things to the user from the plist during
+a <code>@exec</code> or <code>@unexec</code> directive.  It will work fine
+with the old FreeBSD pkg_* tools, but the behavior is undefined under
+libmport.  The user might see what you have to say, it might not. If in
+doubt use a pkg-install script or a pkg-message file.</p>
 <p>Package requirement scripts are deprecated.  There is only one such script at the moment and its function will be reimplemented under the mport package system.</p>

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