[Midnightbsd-users] Update on Magus, the mports package building system

Lucas Holt luke at foolishgames.com
Thu Mar 27 14:33:42 EDT 2008

Chris has been working hard on Magus.  We've successfully ran several  
builds on i386 with 0.1.1 and CURRENT.  Many ports have been fixed in  
the last two weeks.

On the last i386 run, we had 828 ports pass, 857 with warnings (only  
the LICENSE variable isn't set), 141 failures, and 191 untested  
ports.  17 ports were skipped as they were interactive or require  
manual distfile fetching.


We have also run an amd64 build, and currently have two sparc64  
machines participating in a run.

For those unfamiliar with magus, it is a series of perl scripts that  
manage several computers to distribute building packages from ports.   
The results are then fed to a MySQL database and viewable on the web  
using a perl cgi.  This allows us to test and build packages for  
different OS versions.  Near a release, we use these packages.  They  
are occasionally added to the FTP server as updated packages for  

Currently, magus uses the pkg_tools to create packages.  Eventually,  
this will be moved to the new mport tools.

i386 machines are donated by the Computer Science department at  
Eastern Michigan University.  sparc64 and amd64 machines are owned by  
developers in the project..

To view the current run, or see the status of magus visit:

Lucas Holt
Luke at FoolishGames.com
MidnightBSD.org (Free OS)
JustJournal.com (Free blogging)

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