MidnightBSD Magus


TBrowser and TChat

Flavor Version Run OSVersion Arch License Restricted Status
1.0.8 396 1.2 amd64 lgpl 0 fail


Machine Type Time Message
m1264 info 2020-01-06 15:47:43.903611 Test Started
m1264 fail 2020-01-06 15:49:41.930302 make build returned non-zero: 1
m1264 fail 2020-01-06 15:49:41.981137 Test complete.


===>  Building for tryst-examples-1.0.8
gmake[1]: Entering directory '/magus/work/usr/mports/net/tryst-examples/work/Tryst-108.pl6'
This is gnustep-make 2.7.0. Type 'gmake print-gnustep-make-help' for help.
Running in gnustep-make version 2 strict mode.
GNUmakefile.postamble:29: *** GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT is obsolete.  Stop.
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/magus/work/usr/mports/net/tryst-examples/work/Tryst-108.pl6'
===> Compilation failed unexpectedly.
Try to set MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes and rebuild before reporting the failure to
the maintainer.
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/mports/net/tryst-examples