MidnightBSD Magus


Python extension module for BerkeleyDB 3 and 4

Flavor Version Run OSVersion Arch License Restricted Status
5.3.0 289 0.6 amd64 python 0 fail


Machine Type Time Message
defiant info 2015-03-29 03:33:29.85195 Test Started
defiant fail 2015-03-29 03:38:48.763841 make package returned non-zero: 1
defiant fail 2015-03-29 03:38:48.907643 Test complete.


===>  Building package for py27-bsddb3-5.3.0
mport.create: Error at /usr/src/lib/libmport/create_primative.c:(158): Could not stat /magus/work/usr/mports/databases/py-bsddb3/work/fake-inst-amd64/usr/local/include/python2.7/bsddb3/bsddb.h: No such file or directory
Unable to create package /magus/packages/All/py27-bsddb3-5.3.0.mport
*** [do-package] Error code 1

Stop in /usr/mports/databases/py-bsddb3.