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Scans log files and bans IP that makes too many password failures

Flavor Version Run OSVersion Arch License Restricted Status
0.9.1 304 0.6 amd64 gpl2 0 fail


Machine Type Time Message
m5 info 2015-08-11 03:47:32.231605 Test Started
m5 fail 2015-08-11 03:47:47.372401 make fetch returned non-zero: 1
m5 fail 2015-08-11 03:47:47.577508 Test complete.


===>  License gpl2 accepted by the user
=> fail2ban-0.9.1_GH0.tar.gz is not in /usr/mports/security/py-fail2ban/distinfo.
=> Either /usr/mports/security/py-fail2ban/distinfo is out of date, or
=> fail2ban-0.9.1_GH0.tar.gz is spelled incorrectly.
*** [do-fetch] Error code 1

Stop in /usr/mports/security/py-fail2ban.