MidnightBSD Magus


GNUstep news reader

Flavor Version Run OSVersion Arch License Restricted Status
0.4.2_2 320 0.7 amd64 gpl2 0 fail


Machine Type Time Message
m5 info 2016-03-21 13:50:28.561635 Test Started
m5 fail 2016-03-21 13:52:19.414474 make fake returned non-zero: 1
m5 fail 2016-03-21 13:52:19.608614 Test complete.


===>  Faking install for lusernet-0.4.2_2
===>   Generating temporary packing list
This is gnustep-make 2.6.7. Type 'gmake print-gnustep-make-help' for help.
Making all for app LuserNET...
gmake[3]: Nothing to be done for 'internal-app-compile'.
 Copying resources into the app wrapper...
 Copying localized resources into the app wrapper...
Making install for app LuserNET...
 Creating /magus/work/usr/mports/news/lusernet/work/fake-inst-amd64//usr/local/GNUstep/Local/Applications...
 Installing bundle directory...
 Creating /magus/work/usr/mports/news/lusernet/work/fake-inst-amd64//usr/local/GNUstep/Local/Tools/....
/usr/bin/strip /magus/work/usr/mports/news/lusernet/work/fake-inst-amd64/usr/local/GNUstep/System/Applications/LuserNET.app/LuserNET
/usr/bin/strip: '/magus/work/usr/mports/news/lusernet/work/fake-inst-amd64/usr/local/GNUstep/System/Applications/LuserNET.app/LuserNET': No such file
*** [post-install] Error code 1

Stop in /usr/mports/news/lusernet.
*** [fake-post-install] Error code 1

Stop in /usr/mports/news/lusernet.