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remove obsolete help text on registering from the old walnut creek days.

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-This screen allows you to register yourself with the MidnightBSD Project's
-user counter & statistics database.
-Believe me, I hate filling out forms as much as anyone, and most
-people's understandable reaction to a registration form is to say "Eh,
-what's this?  They want to send me junk mail and then on top of that
-they expect me to go to *extra* trouble in order to make it easy for
-them?!  Forget it!"
-This is not that kind of registration, and I strongly urge you to take
-just a few minutes to read this and find out how much the simple act
-of registering can help both you and FreeBSD.
-1. It is very much in your best interest, as a FreeBSD user, to stand
-   up and be counted so that various software vendors will begin to
-   take you and your operating system seriously.  There are numerous
-   ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who would be only too happy
-   to port the kinds of applications that many FreeBSD users are
-   currently screaming for (everything from spreadsheets and word
-   processing packages to games) if they only had some idea that it
-   might be worth the trouble.  The only way to convince the ISVs that
-   FreeBSD is worth their trouble is to show them how many users
-   we have, and to do that we need your registration!  At this time
-   we literally do not know how many users FreeBSD has, and that's
-   hardly helpful when you're trying to convince someone to port
-   software to it.
-2. We will not send you *anything* you do not ask for.  Some people
-   are genuinely interested in new product announcements for FreeBSD
-   or want to hear about security issues & other important advisories
-   as they come up, and for such people we've added registration
-   options for selecting various types of additional material they
-   might be interested in receiving as a side-effect of registration.
-   The default behavior is to NOT put the user on any special mailing
-   lists or provide their names in mailing list data sent to
-   (carefully screened) FreeBSD product advertisers - all of that must
-   be specifically requested during the registration.
-Most fields in the form are fairly self-explanatory.  At the minimum,
-you should enter your first and last name as well as your email
-address so that we can weed obvious duplicates from the counter.  You
-will NOT be sent any mail at this address unless you also sign up for
-one of the additional notification services, and it's only used to
-provide us with a way of differentiating "John Smith <smith at foo.org>"
-from "John Smith <jsm at bar.com>" in the simple, no-frills registration
-case.  If you do not have an email address, some sort of postal
-address will serve the same purpose.
-If you also wish to receive the FreeBSD Newsletter, published and
-distributed free of charge by Walnut Creek CDROM in printed form,
-then you must specify some sort of postal address.  Likewise, if you
-elect to receive notification on the email version then you should
-specify a valid Email address.  Back-issues of the FreeBSD newsletter
-are available at ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/doc/newsletter/ .
-Should you wish to unsubscribe to the FreeBSD Newsletter or otherwise
-de-register yourself at a later time, you can simply send mail to
-register-request at freebsd.org.  If you subscribe to the announce
-mailing list (and it's a good idea) then you can modify your
-subscription at any time by sending mail to majordomo at freebsd.org
-Your cooperation with this new registration service is greatly
-appreciated, and by taking just 5 minutes to fill this out now you
-will be helping us to gather data which will greatly assist FreeBSD in
-firmly establishing a position as a serious UN*X operating system
-                                Jordan Hubbard,
-                                FreeBSD PR Officer

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