[Midnightbsd-users] Hack to get X.org 7.4 working with mouse and keyboard

Lucas Holt luke at foolishgames.com
Mon Mar 30 18:20:12 EDT 2009

There is more than one approach.  I'll assume you have hal and dbus  

First, disable moused in etc/rc.conf  moused_enable="NO"

build/enable hald and dbus.  Make sure they're running and moused is  
off before you try to use x

X - configure

Delete the mouse and keyboard settings in the file.  In server layout,  
set the following

Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off"
Option "AutoAddDevices" "off"

Test your X server.  It's recommended that you have ssh enabled in  
case your mouse/keyboard don't work.  Then you can ssh in and kill the  
X process.

Lucas Holt
Luke at FoolishGames.com
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