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0.1/ 6071 (8 years ago) by laffer1: Move RELENG_0_1 to stable/0.1
0.2/ 6070 (8 years ago) by laffer1: Move RELENG_0_2 to stable/0.2
0.3/ 6069 (8 years ago) by laffer1: Move RELENG_0_3 to stable/0.3
0.4/ 6769 (7 years ago) by laffer1: 0.4-RELEASE-p15 20140916: Fix a security issue with TCP SYN. When a segment with the SYN flag for an already existing connection arrives, the TCP stack tears down the connection, bypassing a check that the sequence number in the segment is in the expected window.
0.5/ 6994 (6 years ago) by laffer1: 0.5.11 RELEASE Fix two security vulnerabilities: The previous fix for IGMP had an overflow issue. This has been corrected. ipv6: The Neighbor Discover Protocol allows a local router to advertise a suggested Current Hop Limit value of a link, which will replace Current Hop Limit on an interface connected to the link on the MidnightBSD system. Obtained from: FreeBSD
0.6/ 7336 (6 years ago) by laffer1: In rpcbind(8), netbuf structures are copied directly, which would result in two netbuf structures that reference to one shared address buffer. When one of the two netbuf structures is freed, access to the other netbuf structure would result in an undefined result that may crash the rpcbind(8) daemon.
0.7/ 7643 (5 years ago) by laffer1: security patch to prevent attackers from modifying a file
0.8/ 9844 (3 years ago) by laffer1: fix double free
0.9/ 9843 (3 years ago) by laffer1: fix double free
1.0/ 12194 (2 years ago) by laffer1: bring back deroff to fix spell(1)
1.1/ 12280 (2 years ago) by laffer1: add hasmap imp
1.2/ 12403 (22 months ago) by laffer1: fixup
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