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Ports to help disabled users

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at-spi-1.32.0_4: Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
at-spi-reference-1.32.0_1: Programming reference for accessibility/at-spi
at-spi2-atk-2.14.1: Assisted Technology Provider module for GTK+
at-spi2-core-2.14.1: Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
atk-2.14.0: GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
atk-reference-2.14.0: Programming reference for accessibility/atk
atkmm-2.22.7: C++ wrapper for ATK API library
dasher-4.10.1_4,2: Information efficient text-entry interface
gnome-mag-0.16.3_2: GNOME screen magnifier
gnome-speech-0.4.25_2: GNOME text-to-speech API
gok-2.30.1_2,1: GNOME On-Screen Keyboard (GOK)
linux-f10-atk-1.24.0: Accessibility Toolkit, Linux/i386 binary (Linux Fedora 10)
mousetweaks-3.12.0: Mouse accessibility enhancements for the GNOME desktop
orca-3.14.3_1: Scriptable screen reader
py33-atspi-2.12.0: Python3 API for the D-BUS based SPI framework
speech-dispatcher-0.8_1: Common interface to speech synthesis
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