The MidnightBSD Ports Collection


Parent dir

accessibility: Ports to help disabled users
archivers: Archivers
astro: Astronomical ports
audio: Audio tools
benchmarks: Benchmarking tools
comms: Communication utilities
converters: Character code converters
core: Core MidnightBSD Infrastructure
databases: Databases
deskutils: Things that used to be on the desktop before computers were invented
devel: Development utilities
dns: Domain Name Service tools
editors: Editors
emulators: Emulators for other operating systems
finance: Monetary, financial and related applications
ftp: File Transfer Protocol
games: Games
graphics: Graphics tools and libraries
irc: Internet Relay Chat utilities
java: Java
lang: Programming languages
mail: Electronic mail utilities
math: Mathematics
misc: Miscellaneous utilities
multimedia: Multimedia software
net-im: Instant messaging
net-mgmt: Network management tools
net-p2p: peer-to-peer network applications
net: Networking tools
news: Network news
palm: Software support for handheld devices (Palm, PocketPC, ...)
ports-mgmt: Ports for managing, installing and developing MidnightBSD ports and packages
print: Desktop publishing
science: Scientific applications
security: Security tools
shells: Shells
sysutils: System utilities
textproc: Text processing utilities (does not include desktop publishing)
www: Ports related to the World Wide Web
x11-clocks: X11 clocks
x11-drivers: X11 drivers
x11-fm: X11 file managers
x11-fonts: X11 fonts and font utilities
x11-servers: X11 servers
x11-themes: X11 themes
x11-toolkits: X11 toolkits
x11-wm: X11 window managers
x11: Ports to support the X window system

For information on how to use the ports tree, please look at the MidnightBSD mports website.

If you find a bug in a port, contact the port maintainer or You may also create a bug report.

If you would like to contribute a port, contact