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Domain Name Service tools

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ares-1.1.1_1: An asynchronous DNS resolver library
autotrust-0.3.1_1: A tool to automatically update DNSSEC trust anchors
bind98-9.8.6: BIND DNS suite with updated DNSSEC and DNS64
bind99-9.9.4_1: BIND DNS suite with updated DNSSEC and DNS64
bindgraph-0.2: A RRDtool frontend for BIND statistics
c-ares-config-1.10.0: An asynchronous DNS resolver library
ddclient-3.8.1_2: Update dynamic DNS entries
ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b8_4: Update your host name on any dynamic DNS service
idnkit-1.0_2: A library to handle internationalized domain names
inadyn-1.96.2_1: DYNAMIC DNS client
ldns-1.6.16: A library for programs conforming to DNS RFCs and drafts
libbind-6.0_2: Standard C resolver library
libidn-1.27: Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
linux-f10-libasyncns-0.7: C library for executing DNS queries asynchronously (Linux Fedora 10)
mDNSResponder_nss-541: Apple\'s mDNS responder - BSD nsswitch module
mdnsd-0.7G_1: Advertise a service via Rendezvous
nslint-3.1: Perform consistency checks on DNS zone files
nss_mdns-0.10: NSS module implementing multicast DNS name resolution
p5-Net-DNS-0.73: Perl5 interface to the DNS resolver, and dynamic updates
p5-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable-0.003: Programmable DNS resolver for off-line testing
pdnsd-1.2.9a: Caching (permanently, writes to disk on exit) DNS proxy-server
samba-nsupdate- An nsupdate utility with GSS-TSIG support
udns-0.2: DNS resolver library with sync and async queries
unbound-1.4.21: A validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver
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