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Emulators for other operating systems

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adamem-1.0_2: ADAMEm is a portable Coleco ADAM and ColecoVision emulator
aftp-1.0: A ftp-like shell for accessing Apple II disk images
basiliskII-1.0_7: Free, portable, Open Source 68k Mac emulator
bochs-2.6.2,2: An IA-32 (x86) PC emulator that runs DOS, Win 95, and more
dgen-sdl-1.32: Wonderful Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator
dosbox-0.74_2: An emulator of a PC with DOS
extract-xiso-2.5: Tool for extracting and creating optimised Xbox ISO images
ia64sim-0.5_1: IA64 simulator (Intel(R) Architecture 64)
kqemu-kmod-1.3.0.p11_3: Kernel Accelerator for QEMU CPU Emulator
kqemu-kmod-devel-1.4.0.p1_1: Kernel Accelerator for QEMU CPU Emulator (development version)
linux_base-f10-10_3: Base set of packages needed in Linux mode for i386/amd64 (Linux Fedora 10)
mtools-4.0.10_1: A collection of tools for manipulating MSDOS files
pearpc-0.4_6: PowerPC emulator
qemu-0.11.1_1: QEMU CPU Emulator
rtc-2004.02.24.1_9: Kernel module which provides /dev/rtc device support
tpm-emulator-0.7.4: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) emulator
vMac- Emulates a MacPlus machine! Runs MacOS versions up to 7.5.5
virtio-kmod--0.250249_1: virtio kernel modules port for 0.4
vxtools-0.2_3: Command-line utilities for reading Veritas Filesystem (VxFS)
wine-1.6.2,1: Microsoft Windows compatibility environment
wine-gecko-2.21: Gecko Layout Engine for Wine (HTML support)
wine-mono-0.0.8: Mono .NET implementation for Wine development branch (HTML support)
xhomer-9.16.06_1,1: Emulator for the DEC Pro 350 computer
yape-0.32.5: Yet Another Commodore +4 Emulator
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