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allenroids-1.1: Asteroids clone by Allen Smith
bass-1.2_3: Beneath a Steel Sky: a post-apocalyptic futuristic graphical adventure
battalion-1.4b: Monsters, explosions, destruction game for X Window System
cowsay-3.03_1: Configurable talking characters in ASCII art
doom-data-1.0_2: Doom data files (Doom, Doom II, Hexen, Heretic and Strife)
doom-freedoom-0.7: Complete Doom-based game IWAD that is Free Software
doomlegacy-142_5: DooM Legacy: popular DooM clone!
dopewars-1.5.12_2: UNIX rewrite of a game originally based on "Drug Wars"
fortunate-3.1_2: Graphical front-end to the command-line BSD fortune
fotaq-1.0_1: Flight of the Amazon Queen: a classic graphical adventure
ggz-client-libs- The GGZ Gaming Zone - Core Client Libraries
gnugo-3.8: The game of Go
gnustep-ladder-1.0: GNU Go frontend for GNUstep
goonies-1.0.1_1: Remake of the 8 bit classic game 'The Goonies'
gridlock-1.10_1: A collection of grid-based board games for GNUstep
gtkpool-0.5.0_1: A 2D pool game using the GTK+ toolkit
gtypist-2.9.1: Interactive typing tutor
libggz- The GGZ Gaming Zone - Base Library
lincity-1.13.1_4: Rich city simulation game for X
linux-americasarmy-2.5.0: America's Army (Linux version)
linux-enemyterritory-2.60b_1: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Linux version)
linux-enemyterritory-etpro-3.2.6: ET Pro - The Enemy Territory Competition Mod
linux-enemyterritory-etpub-0.8.1: ET Pub - An Enemy Territory Modification
linux-enemyterritory-fortress-1.6_2: A class-based teamplay modification for Enemy Territory
linux-enemyterritory-jaymod-2.1.7: Jaymod - An Enemy Territory Modification
linux-enemyterritory-omni-bot-0.66: Omni-Bot is a bot for Enemy Territory
linux-enemyterritory-shrub-1.2_2: Shrub - An Enemy Territory Modification
linux-enemyterritory-tce-0.49_1: A modern tactical Enemy Territory modification
linux-etqw-demo-server-2.0.r1: Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo Server for Linux
linux-etqw-server-1.5: Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Server for Linux
linux-quake3-1.32c_2: Quake III Arena for Linux
linux-quake3-demo-1.11.6_1: Quake III Arena Demo
moon-buggy-1.0.51_1: Drive a buggy across the moons surface
nextgo-3.0_2: classic Go game for OPENSTEP/GNUstep
oolite-1.65_2: Trade and combat space simulator, clone of Elite
pvpgn-1.8.5_1: Free Blizzard emulation software
qstat-2.11_2: A command line program to query game servers on the net
quake3-1.32c: Quake III Arena -- first person shooter (native build)
quake3-data-1.32.b.3: Quake III Arena data files
scummvm-1.7.0_1: Interpreter for several adventure games
supertux-0.1.3_2: Super Tux is a side-scroller similar to Super Mario Brothers
tuxracer-0.61_10: 3D penguin racing game using OpenGL
vitetris-0.57: vitetris is a terminal-based Tetris clone by Victor Nilsson.
wesnoth-1.8.6_1: A fantasy turn-based strategy game
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