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Electronic mail utilities

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abook-0.5.6_1: An addressbook program with mutt mail client support
addresses-0.4.7_2: A versatile addressbook for GNUstep
addresses-goodies-0.4.7: Goodies for addressbook for GNUstep
alpine-2.00_1: Mail and news client descended from Pine
cclient-2007e,1: Mark Crispin's C-client mail access routines
chk4mail-2.24: A utility to quickly check multiple folders for new email
courier-0.65.3: Courier SMTP IMAP POP3 HTTP mail server suite
courier-imap-4.5.1,2: IMAP (and POP3) server that provides access to Maildir mailboxes
courier-pythonfilter-1.6: Framework for courier filter development in python
couriergraph-20060202: A RRDtool frontend for Courier statistics
dcc-dccd-1.3.141: Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse bulk email detector
dovecot2-2.2.15: Secure, fast and powerful IMAP and POP3 server
evolution-2.26.3: An integrated mail, calendar and address book distributed suite
evolution-exchange-2.22.2: Evolution plugin to connect to Microsoft Exchange servers
evolution-mapi-0.30.3: Evolution plugin to connect to Microsoft Exchange servers
faces-1.7.7_1: Visual mail, user, and print face server
fetchmail-6.3.26: Batch mail retrieval utility for IMAP/POP3/ETRN/ODMR
gmime-2.2.27: Library (written in C) for parsing and creating messages using MIME
gmime-24-2.4.33_1: Library (written in C) for parsing and creating messages using MIME
gnumail-1.2.0_3: GNUstep mail client
hashcash-1.22: Anti-spam / denial of service counter-measure tool
libmapi-0.9_2: Open Source implementation of Microsoft Exchange protocols
libspf-1.0.0.p5_1: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) library and client
libspf2-1.2.10_1: Sender Rewriting Scheme 2 C Implementation
linux-thunderbird-31.5.0: Mozilla Thunderbird is standalone mail and news that stands above
metamail-2.7: Implementation of MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
milter-greylist-4.4.3_2: Easy-to-use greylist milter for sendmail and postfix
mime-construct-1.11: Construct and optionally send MIME messages from command line
msmtp-1.4.32: SMTP plugin for MUAs
mutt- The Mongrel of Mail User Agents (part Elm, Pine, Mush, mh, etc.)
nmh-1.5: A cleaned up MH mailer suite
p5-Email-Address-1.90.5: RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
p5-Email-Date-Format-1.002: Produce RFC 2822 date strings
p5-Email-MIME-1.907: Easy MIME message parsing
p5-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.01.5: Parse a MIME Content-Type Header
p5-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.313: A unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding
p5-Email-MIME-Modifier-1.444: Modify Email::MIME Objects Easily
p5-Email-MessageID-1.401: Generate world unique message-ids
p5-Email-Send-2.198: Email::Send - Simply Sending Email
p5-Email-Simple-2.202: Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers
p5-FuzzyOcr-3.6.0,1: Plugin for SpamAssassin which scans image attachments for spam
p5-MIME-Lite-3.03.0: A simple interface for creating (not parsing!) MIME messages
p5-MIME-Tools-5.505,2: Set of perl5 modules for MIME
p5-MIME-Types-2.04: Perl extension for determining MIME types
p5-Mail-DKIM-0.40: Perl5 module to process and/or create DKIM email
p5-Mail-DomainKeys-1.0: Perl implementation of DomainKeys
p5-Mail-SPF-2.9.0_2: Reference implementation of the RFC 4408 SPF protocol
p5-Mail-SPF-Query-1.999.1: Query Sender Permitted From for an IP,email,helo
p5-Mail-Sendmail-0.79: Perl module implementing a simple, platform-independent mailer
p5-Mail-Tools-2.12: Perl5 modules for dealing with Internet e-mail messages
p5-Net-SMTP-SSL-1.01: An SMTP client supporting SSL
pantomime-1.2.0_1: Mail/MIME handling library for GNUstep
php5-imap-5.4.39: The imap shared extension for php
pine-pgp-filters-1.8_1: Simple /bin/sh-based filters to use GnuPG with Alpine
popd-2.2.2a_5: Very fast, highly configurable POP3 server (fully RFC1939 compliant)
postfix-2.11.1: Secure alternative to widely-used Sendmail
procmail-3.22_7: A local mail delivery agent
pyzor-0.5.0_5: Collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam
razor-agents-2.85: A distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network
roundcube-1.0.3: Fully skinnable XHTML/CSS webmail written in PHP
sendmail+tls+sasl2-8.15.1: Reliable, highly configurable mail transfer agent with utilities
spamassassin-3.4.0: Highly efficient mail filter for identifying spam
spamd-4.9.1_2: Traps spammers with a very slow smtp-login and return 4xx error
squirrelmail-1.4.22_2: Webmail system which accesses mail over IMAP
vrfy-1.0_1: Verify mail address
wpop3d-1.2_3: pop3 server for retrieval of remote mail on a UNIX system
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