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Miscellaneous utilities

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brs-4.03: Interactive King James Bible
chmlib-0.40: Library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
compat4x-i386-5.3_10: Convenience package to install the compat4x libraries
compat5x-amd64- A convenience package to install the compat5x libraries
compat6x-amd64-6.4.604000.200810_2: Convenience package to install the FreeBSD 6.x compat libraries
compat7x-amd64-7.4.704000.201310.1: Convenience package to install the FreeBSD compat7x libraries
compat8x-amd64-8.4.804000.201310_2: Convenience package to install the FreeBSD compat8x libraries
cpuid-3.3_7: CPU identification utility
dejagnu-1.5.1_1: Automated program/system tester
dict-de-1.2_4: Simple english/german dictionary
dnetc-2.9110.519,1: distributed computing project client
e2fsprogs-libblkid-1.42.10: A blkid library from e2fsprogs package
e2fsprogs-libuuid-1.42.10: UUID library from e2fsprogs package
findutils-4.5.14: GNU find utilities
fpc-chm-2.6.4: Free Pascal unit to manipulate chm files
getopt-1.1.6: getopt(1) replacement that supports GNU-style long options
gnome-icon-theme-3.6.2: Collection of icons for the GNOME desktop
gnome-mime-data-2.18.0_4: MIME and Application database for GNOME
gnome-user-docs-2.32.0_2: GNOME 2 users guide
gnomehier-3.0_1: Utility port that creates the GNOME directory tree
gnustep-examples-1.4.0: GNUstep example applications
health-nut-20.1: Nutrition software to record what you eat
help2man-1.43.3_2: Automatically generating simple manual pages from program output
hicolor-icon-theme-0.12: High-color icon theme shell from the FreeDesktop project
iso-codes-3.56: Lists of the country, language, and currency iso names
jishyo-0.1: English to Japanese dictionary for GNUstep
ldconfig_compat-1.0_9: Ldconfig compatibility script
localedata-5.4_1: Legacy locale data for FreeBSD 6+
manpages-de-0.4: German GNU and Linux manual pages
mc-4.8.13_1: Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone
mc-light-4.1.40.p9_3: Lightweight Midnight Commander clone
metalink-tools-0.3.6_4: Metalink generation tool
mime-support-3.56: MIME Media Types list
mirmon-2.10: Monitor the status of mirrors
newer-1.0: Implementation of AT&T Research UNIX V8 newer(1)
ossp-uuid-1.6.2: ISO-C API and CLI for generating Universally Unique Identifiers
p5-Geography-Countries-2009041301: Handle ISO-3166 country codes
p5-List-Compare-0.37: Perl extension for comparing lists
patchutils-0.3.3_1: Small collection of programs that operate on patch files
pciids-20150217: Database of all known IDs used in PCI devices
phone-de-1.0: German phone code / Deutsche Telefonvorwahl (AVON)
php5-calendar-5.4.39: The calendar shared extension for php
shared-mime-info-1.1_1: MIME types database from the project
shc-3.8.9_1: Generic script compiler
susv2-1.0: Single UNIX Specification Version 2
susv3-1.2: Single UNIX Specification Version 3
tvbrowser-3.3.2: Digital TV and radio guide
unclutter-8_3: Remove idle cursor image from screen
usbids-20150203: Database of all known IDs used in USB devices
wmScoreBoard-0.30_3: Window Maker dockapp that display game scores from excite
wmcalendar-0.5.2_2: A dockable calendar with interface to iCalendar based calendars
wmfirew-0.20_4: A dockapp that shows fireworks in action
wmjulia-0.40_4: A dockapp that creates an animated Julia set
wmpal-0.6.1_4: One of the most useless dockapps in the world
wmtunlo-0.1.3_2: A falling-down-a-tunnel dockapp
wmweather+-2.11_5: Displays current conditions and forecasts with icons and text
wmweather-2.4.3_4: A WMaker dockapp which displays meteorological data for your city
xfce4-appfinder-4.10.1: Find application in the system supporting Desktop entry format
xfce4-artwork-0.0.4_1: Additional artwork for the XFce4 desktop environment
xfce4-weather-plugin-0.8.3_1: Xfce 4 weather module for xfce4-panel
xfce4-wm-themes-4.10.0_2: Xfce 4 window decoration themes for xfwm4
xtail-2.1: Watches the growth of files or directories
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