[Midnightbsd-users] Use of .Mx mdoc macro, and MirPorts on MidnightBSD (was Re: CVS: herc.mirbsd.org: ports)

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Wed Mar 12 20:44:08 EDT 2008

Hi laffer1!


>Commit ID:	10047D8759858E7F349

>Log message:
>new cksum mostly due to the manpage change: the manpages used the .Mx macro
>which is non-standard _and_ in use by both MirBSD and MidnightBSD
>it’s only allowed to use .Mx in a portable MirSubproject if we prepend the
>new contrib/samples/portmdoc,v file (which also defines $Mdocdate etc.)

This means that both mbsd and mnbsd can continue to use .Mx, as long
as the respective manual pages that use it are prefixed with a macro
definition. (This is necessary for all other operating systems, like
GNU, too, since GNU groff doesn’t come with a Mx macro defined. Only
manpages which have a chance to be distributed, like mksh’s, but not
the “normal” system manuals, need to be touched.)

Sample change: http://www.mirbsd.org/cvs.cgi/src/usr.bin/make/make.1.diff?r1=1.10;r2=1.11

That diff not only defines .Mx to the mbsd variant (you guys will of
course have to change that for mnbsd) but also declares a few macros
I found useful when fixing lintian’s complaints and “gnroff -Tutf8”.

A sample application is at http://www.mirbsd.org/cvs.cgi/src/bin/md5/cksum.1.diff?r1=1.18;r2=1.19
but all you’d need to place in mnbsd manpages would be the part from
“.de Mx” to the closing “..”.

So no need to act for you ☺

On a related remark, I’ve built few apps on stargazer using mirports
already, but GNU libiconv failed _because_ mnbsd was faked as fbsd –
I’ll make that into something your users can download and play with,
tomorrow though since it’s past midnight here already.

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