[Midnightbsd-users] [kbsd, mnbsd] CDs for distributing at events (conferences, fairs, etc.)

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Wed Mar 12 11:16:19 EDT 2008

Aurelien Jarno dixit:

>I am happy to announce a new version of the GNU/kFreeBSD install CD
>for both i386 and amd64.

This is nice, but could you have someone look into updating GING as
well? Or prepare something similar... see below.

For both Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and MidnightBSD, I offer to ask Daniel
Seuffert from AllBSD to prepare and burn about 100 CDs per event we
attend, distribute them while being physically there and answering
questions to both OSes (like I do with MirBSD anyway).

You (the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD or GING project, and the MidnightBSD
project) have to send the following to me for that:
- an ISO9660 image which fits on a "normal" CD, containing a Live CD
  of your operating system (for i386, usually), English language
  + bonus points if one can install to HDD from that CD too
  + bonus points if mksh is on the CD (maybe even default shell ;)
    at least I personally would be happier to do it then
  + bonus points for french, german and dutch support (in this order),
    if your OS supports it (MirBSD doesn't)
- don't forget a hash so that we can check if the download was damaged
- a graphic we can use to produce the CDs with (to make them look cool)
  + sample picture attached
  + contact Mathias Geyer <haihappen.uhaha at gmx.de> if you need help,
    he helped with ours too
  + I'll try to make a picture of how the printed CDs look, I can't
    find any right now
- an English-language flyer, introducing the project and answering the
  FAQ, to reduce load on booth staff (i.e. me, since the other two won't
  know about GNU/k*bsd or mnbsd)
  + use http://www.mirbsd.org/MirOS/PR/flyer_en.pdf as sample; this one
    was set with Quark Xpress in MacOS classic, ask bsiegert at mirbsd for
    details about sizes, folding, etc.
  + Daniel Seuffert has an automatic flyer folding machine, way cool!
  + bonus points for french, german and dutch flyers, again, in this order
  + not having flyers reduces usefulness of the whole thing (people will
    just take the CDs and never test them, or at maximum boot them once,
    maybe just take them because they look cool)
- the name of a contact person

Daniel does this because the mission of AllBSD.de is to help all BSDs, to
improve the reception of BSD among the users (and even developers), espe-
cially in a commercial environment.

I do this because I advocate the small projects, and because I know some
of the mnbsd and gnu-kbsd people and play around with both.

I hope your answer will be in time for the next event ;-)

Please reply to EITHER the gnu-kbsd OR the mnbsd mailing list AND NOT to
me, I'm subscribed to both, but I think if you just reply to both you'll
get bounces from at least one.

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