MidnightBSD Art Project

Help create a more beautiful MidnightBSD

If you enjoy creating desktop pictures, window themes, icon themes, and other visual enhancements, you've come to the right place. To get you started, here are some base-elements to expand upon.

MidnightBSD Logo Set
22x22 Logo 32x32 Logo 48x48 Logo 64x64 Logo 128x128 Logo SVG Logo JPEG Logo Archive Icon
22 × 22 32 × 32 48 × 48 64 × 64 128 × 128 SVG JPEG All Sizes .tgz
MidnightBSD Logo with Type
MidnightBSD Logo with Text
698 × 181 (above) or download the SVG here.

View desktop wallpaper that is available with the midnightbsd-backgrounds port.