MidnightBSD Release Notes

Late breaking information:


This release includes x.org 6.9. It will be the last release with x.org 6.9. Users who want to use x.org 7.3 should update their mports tree and uninstall all ports depending on X11. It is recommended that you delete /usr/X11R6 and create a symlink to /usr/local for /usr/X11R6. This will allow all the ports to work. The updated ports tree has many new software packages including most of Gnome 2.18.3. Since this mports tree was created (0.1.1's), over 300 ports were added to MidnightBSD. 1500 ports are building correctly on our build cluster.

(11/07/07) MidnightBSD 0.1.1-RELEASE

We're happy to announce the release of MidnightBSD 0.1.1. The software is available on our FTP server and will be on the mirrors shortly.

The packages for 0.1.1 are on the FTP server, but the Latest and category symlinks have not been put in place on the FTP server yet. You can manually download packages to use with pkg_add or give it an exact url to the file with pkg_add -r We're planning on fixing this in a few days. These packages were generated on our new mports build cluster called magus. There were near 1000 packages generated for this release on i386.

I'm planning on making an amd64 release, but have not started that build yet. It will probably be another week before that is done as I have to build packages too.

What's new:

Special Thanks: Eastern Michigan University's Computer Science Department donated the computing resources for the magus build cluster. This allowed us to build packages in 10 hours for this release.

The next release:

0.2 will be the next release barring any need for a later 0.1.x release. It will include replacements for pkg_add and a new installer option. Expect it in 2008.